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Juancho’s Traveling Tacos

July 13, 2021

  • Food Truck
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • (269) 599-1559
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A few days without kids and what do we do? Go out for drinks and get tacos from a food truck.

We dropped the kids off at my parents on Monday of last week with plans to pick them up on Saturday and take a short extended weekend trip to Chicago. Our original plan was to drop them off on Tuesday so J and I both took the day off. J had something come up Tuesday morning that changed our plans but we kept the day off to just kind of relax.

We got in to the usual “what do you want for dinner?” conversation early. We had some places that we would have liked to have gone to without kids but it seemed none of them were open on Tuesday so we kept looking.

J had been to Gull Lake Distilling Company with some friends a few months ago and really liked the place. They went for a hike, picked up breakfast from a place on Gull Road then met at GLDC for drinks. I had never been so I suggested we do that if they had a food truck that night.

They did have a food truck and it was tacos…so we finally answered that question, “what do you want for dinner tonight?”

Juancho’s Traveling Tacos is a taco cart based out of Kalamazoo. They’re not really a food truck in the way you think of food trucks nowadays. They’re a cart that operates out of a van. At Gull Lake Distilling Company, they pull right up to the outside fence so they’re in the parking lot and you’re inside the amazing outdoor beer garden.

Food service was supposed to begin around 5:00 and that’s about when we got there. They weren’t quite done setting up yet so we got a couple of drinks and grabbed a menu. Once she was ready to go, J and I went back up to put in our orders.

I have made my love for street tacos known over the years so when I saw GLDC had a taco cart. I was pumped. I ordered three marinated steak tacos on corn tortillas with cilantro and….liquid cheese. I know that’s not really the way to eat them but the large pot of liquid cheese was calling my name. The tacos were really good. She warmed up the tortillas before piling on the tender bits of steak then adding just a dollop of cheese so it didn’t overpower what was a really good taco on it’s own. Three tacos aren’t usually enough for a big guy like me but these were pretty overstuffed so they were quite filling and very tasty.

J ordered the nachos. This is a pretty large plate of corn chips, choice of cheese…she asked for both liquid and shredded because there’s no thing as too much cheese…..and choice of meat (she chose ground beef). These are simple nachos with not a lot of frills. She did add on lettuce and sour cream but other than that, simple, tasty nachos.

J also got a Cup of Mexican Corn. They have the option to do this on the cob in the fall when corn is in season but right now, the cup is the only option. The small cup is filled with corn, a housemade sour cream mayo base sauce, Tajin and Cotija cheese. J said this was a really good compliment to the nachos. I didn’t try it because…veggies…but she really liked it

Our bill for dinner from Juancho’s Traveling Tacos was a little over $20.

Taco trucks are the epitome of good food trucks. I’ve never had a taco from a food truck/cart that I didn’t like. I love that Gull Lake Distilling Company brings food trucks to their place most nights of the week. Juancho’s does pop ups around the Kalamazoo area but I had never seen them before this night. I’m glad we couldn’t decide on dinner and went this route.

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