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Poncho’s Tacos

February 18, 2021

  • 1874 28th Street SW
  • Wyoming, MI 49519
  • (616) 805-3747
  • Website
  • Menu

I have been getting amazingly delicious tacos in Grand Rapids for several years.  My usual go-to places are Taqueria San Jose and any of the many locations of Tacos El Cundao  

You should know me by now though.  I always like finding someplace new.  

I drove down 28th Street a few weeks ago while I was in Grand Rapids and noticed a new taco place. I didn’t have time that night but I knew I’d be back in the Grand Rapids office fairly soon and kept this place on my radar.

I had a Saturday evening shift in Grand Rapids this past weekend. Those shifts are usually a little more laid back and I have a little more time to explore. This was the perfect time to go find that taco place.

Poncho’s Tacos is on the corner of 28th Street and Taft Avenue in Wyoming. The business opened on Black Friday taking after gutting a remodeling a space that used to be a Vape shop in a small multi-business building that has a couple accounting offices and a law firm.

Poncho’s has online ordering but I could tell it was a small shop so I just decided to drive there and order in person.

The first thing you see when you walk in is the Poncho’s name in lights on the back wall.

The order counter is immediately to your left as you walk through the door. The menus is fairly simple. There are tacos. There are tortas. There are burritos. There are quesadillas. There are some plates if you want all the rice and beans stuff. Me, I just want the tacos.

I put in my order for five steak tacos with just cilantro. The bill was about $15 before tip. I took a seat in the dining room while I waited since I knew it was only going to be about five minutes or. The cashier offered to bring it to my car but she also said it was fine if I waited inside since the place was empty and limited indoor dining is allowed in Michigan again.

The cashier brought my bag out after about five minutes. I headed back to the office to crack open this box of deliciousness.

The tacos were…well, tacos. Each of the five corn tortillas were overflowing with tender chunks of steak dressed with chopped cilantro. There were two small containers of hot sauce in the bag that weren’t really enough for the amount of meat that was there. I used the orange colored sauce which tasted a little bit hotter to me first. The green sauce had a good peppery flavor but didn’t bring much heat.

The tacos were quite delicious and very filling. I really didn’t need to go with five of them to satisfy my hunger.

Poncho’s Tacos is another delicious taco restaurant in Grand Rapids. There really is a place to get good tacos almost anywhere in the Metro area and that’s hard not to love.

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