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The Grilling Company

December 19, 2020

  • 6231 W. River Drive NE
  • Belmont, MI 49306
  • (616) 970-2959
  • Website
  • Menu

I worked a few nights out of the Grand Rapids office a couple of weeks ago and saw a chance to find food from places that weren’t there when I worked there regularly.  I was really in the mood and started looking for BBQ.  

It seems like there aren’t as many options as there used to be.  The ones I knew of are either closed for the pandemic or gone.  I was only finding chains that were open.  

I expanded my search a little bit to get away from the heart of the city.  I was able to find a place in Belmont that’s really not too far away and was still open.  I told the co-worker I was working with I was going to get dinner and call if she needed me.  

The Grilling Company is located in a small strip mall on very busy West River Drive in Belmont.  It’s about three and a half miles from US-131 just before you get to the Rogue River Bridge.  The space isn’t very big but even during regular times, it’s a carry-out only restaurant.  Right now, they have a sign on the door asking only two people be in the building.  It’s easy to see through the large glass windows.  I saw two people inside so I waited outside  until one came out.  

The order area is pretty small. There is just a long counter that seperates the public area from the meat carving table and hotel pans full of sides. There is also a refrigerator on one side full of meat that you can purchase to cook yourself if you’re into the whole BBQing thing. The menu hangs above the door on two TV screens. The options are pretty typical BBQ joint options.

I was hungry and wanted to try a lot so I ordered two meats and chose brisket and pulled pork. That option came with two sides….my pick there was mac n’ cheese and cheesy potatoes. The food was loaded up into a Styrofoam to-go container then handed to me at the other end near the register. The cost was just over $15.

My plan was to head back to the office to eat but turns out my co-worker did need me to do something so I met her on the other side of town. I ended up eating in my car in between tasks because I just couldn’t deal with the delicious smelling meat being in my car any longer without digging in.

Of course, I started with the brisket. There were four or five pretty good size slices. The brisket was super tender and very juicy. It had the signature salty crust that all good Texas style briskets absolutely have to have.

Once the brisket was gone, I moved on to the pulled pork. Again, just super tender meat that was still very juicy. There was no sauce anywhere in the to-go pack and that was fine. This was all meat that should be eaten on it’s own.

I was starting to get pretty full at this point but powered on to the Mac ‘n Cheese. This is a baked mac ‘n cheese with elbow macaroni and a cheddar cheese crust. It’s a solid side dish but didn’t have anything to make it really stand out. It was tasty and a perfect accompaniment to the meats.

I only took a few bites of the Cheesy Potatoes because I was pretty stuffed at this point. If you didn’t know any better, you would almost mistake this for mac ‘n cheese when looking at it. The thinly sliced potatoes were really cheesy and had a nice burnt cheese crust on top.

Finally, a slice of home made cornbread. There was a large pan of this bread next to the counter. The guy wrapping up my meal cut out a square and wrapped it in foil. This is a BBQ place corn bread with corn actually mixed in to it. The top had a nice flaky, buttery crust to round out this delicious BBQ staple.

I had never heard of The Grilling Company before and only found them with a Google search. They’re a little bit outside of Grand Rapids but worth the drive if you’re looking for that delicious smoky BBQ

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