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November 13, 2020

  • 3204 Walton Boulevard
  • Rochester Hills, MI 48309
  • (248) 375-3060
  • Website
  • Menu

One more day in the Detroit area. I actually got to sleep in a little bit as my co-worker got up to find a coffee shop.

She texted me about 9:30 and asked if I could meet her in Rochester by 11:00. I had to get my butt moving and get my car loaded back up but I told her I was on my way.

Construction between Detroit and Rochester actually made me cut this pretty close but I made it on time. We did what we needed to do for the day and then about 1:30, we were wrapped up and heading back towards our respective homes.

I woke up pretty late so I hadn’t eaten yet and wanted to get something before I hit the road. I did a quick google search and found a quick service burger place not too far out of the way.

Burgrz is right across the street from Oakland University near the corner of Walton Boulevard and Adams Street in the University Square shopping center. There are quite a few places to eat in this shopping center including a Jersey Mike’s right next door and a Coney Island a few shops down.

The restaurant is a fast casual type place with an order counter near the back of the space. It has a fast food look to it but it’s not a fast food meal by any stretch of the imagination.

I put in my order for a burger and fries then hung out in the dining room while I was waiting for it to be cooked. They had ever other booth x’d off due to COVID restrictions but I was the only one in there so it wasn’t an issue. I watched a little Sportscenter then looked around at the pictures of Detroit and the surrounding area on the walls to pass the time.

I picked the Bacon Cheeseburger and added on BBQ sauce and jalapenos. That’s usually my Five Guys order but it sounded good here so I did it here as well. The cost for my meal was a little over $13 and it took less than ten minutes for the guy running the counter to hand me a bag.

Everything in the bag was hot so I opened it all up and started driving while it cooled off a little bit.

The fries were the first to get to a point that I could pick them up and eat them. Burgrz does waffle fries and they’re pretty heavily seasoned. The salt is pretty strong but not overpowering. I got a large order which is just two bags of the regular order. I ate one of the bags right away and put the other one away for a mid-drive snack later on.

I picked up the burger once I had given it enough time to cool down. It was still pretty hot and I could feel the steam coming out of the bun when I bit in to it. That bun is a freshly baked Kaiser roll and it was really soft and delicious. The burgers are 1/3 fresh Angus beef. This one was topped with two slices of crispy bacon and I chose cheddar cheese to hold it all together. They went pretty heavy on the jalapenos which made it a bit spicy but it was really pretty delicious.

Burgrz is not a place I have ever heard of. I found it only because of Googling places near my location. Google came through for me on this one. Burgrz is a delicious burger and far superior to a lot of other nearby burger options.

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