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March 29, 2020

  • 65108 Red Arrow Highway
  • Hartford, MI 49057
  • (269) 621-4911
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The next few blog posts are going to be a little weird.  If you’re reading this as I post them, you know what we’re living under with the Stay-At-Home order.  If you find this in the future, remember that time when everything was shut down?  This is when we found the Gala-T-Inn.

J is working from home but my job still requires me to go in for at least part of the day.  As many of you are learning, working from home with children is not easy and, in fact, pretty stressful.

The end of the first week of staying at home was getting to J.  We had just gotten a new car and we needed to take a drive to make sure everything was alright with it.  J noticed on Facebook Journeyman Distillery was holding  fundraiser for their employees.  We decided to take the long way to Three Oaks so the kids could watch a movie in the car…we finally got  car with a built in DVD player and everyone is super excited.

We grabbed a couple of bottles of whiskey from their curb side service.  We then started heading home with a new movie in the DVD player.

I asked J if pizza was OK for dinner again.  There’s a place in Hartford I’ve really been wanting to go to and it was on the way home.  The pizza always looks so good on their Facebook page.

Gala-T-Inn is just outside of the Hartford village limits on the west side of town.  The small restaurant is on Red Arrow Highway near 65th Street in Hartford Township.  It’s really easy to spot.  There’s a giant chef with a pizza in his hand right in the front of the building. 

We put in our order right as the restaurant was opening at 3:00 PM.  We were just getting on the highway in New Buffalo to head back towards Kalamazoo.  We did an order for a large pepperoni pizza, a medium cheese pizza, and an order of zeppole’s.

We got to Hartford in about a half hour which is about what they told us it would take.  The restaurant has an entrance for the dining room and a separate area for take-out.  The dining room area was closed due to the Governor’s Executive Order but the carry-out side was still open to pick up pizza.

The take-out area is just a small room with a pick-up window.  On a normal night, it looks like the bartender could run the pick up area if it was a high volume time.  There was one guy in front of me finishing up his transaction.  It took less than five minutes from the time I walked in until I was walking back out with two pizza boxes.

We had to finish our drive back home to Kalamazoo and were tortured with the smell.  This first thing J said to me was the whole process and the smell reminded us of our favorite pizza place back in Chicago.

The pizza is not quite Chicago tavern pizza but man, it is good pizza.

The kids and I started with pepperoni pizza.  The pepperoni’s were underneath the cheese which the kids always dislike for some reason.  B took one bite and screamed about it being too hot…by too hot, he meant too spicy.  The pepperoni, as it turns out, was a little bit spicy.  I didn’t think it was really that noticeable but his little tongue thought it was.

The medium cheese pizza was mostly for J.  At some point, the kids decided they liked pepperoni again so they end up eating most of my pizza and I end up having to share J’s.  Cheese pizzas are fine but they just need something more for flavor.  The pizzas from Gala-T-Inn are actually pretty good without a bunch of toppings.  The thin crust is topped with a slightly sweet, slightly spicy sauce and then a thick layer of mozzarella.  There is a little bit of grease from the cheese on top of each pie which just adds to the delicious flavor.  The pizzas we got had a slightly well done cheese crust which is how we usually order from our places in Chicago.

We got zeppole’s for dessert after seeing them on their Facebook page as we were looking for a menu to order.  The zeppole’s look like large pizza rolls but they’re just empty fried dough dusted with powdered sugar.  There is a chocolate and a raspberry sauce that comes with it for dipping.  We all pretty much fought over the chocolate sauce.  The zeppole’s were a really great way to finish off this meal.

Our bill before tip was just under $30.

Gala-T-Inn instantly became one of our favorite pizza places.  We were a little shocked the pizza wasn’t cut into squares..that really would have given us that Chicago tavern vibe.  The pizza is delicious though.  It’s a really good thin crust where the cheese doesn’t really stick to the crust and it’s a little greasy but all of that is what actually makes the pizza from Gala-T-Inn stick out.  It’s really worth the drive from Kalamazoo.

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