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Pangea Pizza

March 16, 2020

  • 135 E. Front Street
  • Traverse City, MI 49684
  • (231) 946-9800
  • Website
  • Menu

Our trips to Great Wolf Lodge usually end the night with pizza from somewhere.

We always go out to eat for lunch and do some exploring then hit the water park in the afternoon.  The kids are always too tired at dinner time to eat out and we need to be in the resort for story time and the dance party.

There is a take out pizza place inside Great Wolf Lodge.  We’ve eaten there before and it’s not awful but you know I like to find local places whenever I can.

I always gravitate towards places that have online ordering and Pangea’s Pizza in downtown Traverse City had both that and good reviews.

Pangea’s Pizza is on Front Street between Cass and Union Streets. It’s in the middle of the street and the only parking is on the street in front or in the municipal lot that runs behind the length of the buildings.  I drove around the block a few with no luck until I found a spot in the municipal lot closer to Union Street.

Pangea’s Pizza was originally owned by one of the owners of Great Lake Potato Chips but when that got too big, the store was sold to the family that owns Incredible Mo’s.

Pangea’s Pizza does carry-out but they’re not a typical carry-out place.  The storefront downtown is a full service kitchen and there’s a full bar when you enter the door near the host stand.  The dining room is long and narrow with a sleek, modern design.

I told the hostess I had carry-out and she sent me to the bar to pay while she got the pizzas.  I had already paid on line so I just confirmed that with the bartender before grabbing the two boxes and heading back to the lodge.

I decided to only get one 16″ pizza with pepperoni on half and just cheese on the other half.  I did the Parmesan crust because who doesn’t like Parmesan on their crust?

The pizza is pretty large with a hand tossed crust that’s not too thick but not really thin either.  It’s topped with a delicious sweet and slightly spicy red sauce and covered with shredded mozzarella.  To my surprise, both kids took pepperoni slices and they ate the whole half.  I got a few scraps left over but I was relegated to J’s cheese half of the pizza.

I also added an order of the Signature Cheese Bread.  The fresh baked bread is topped with cheese and roasted garlic.  It’s served with red sauce but we also added a cup of garlic butter to dip it in.  I mean…more garlic, right?

The middle parts of the cheese bread was so cheesy and delicious.  I really could have eaten that without any dipping sauce.  The edges without cheese needed a little something to dip in to but overall, this was something you could just eat on it’s own.

The bill wasn’t too bad.  A little over $25 and we got a meal for all four of us and breakfast the next day for me.

Pangea’s Pizza is a great spot in downtown Traverse City.  It’s great for carry-out (other than it being hard to find a place to park to pick it up) but it’s also a great sit-down place.  I’m pretty indiscriminate when it comes to finding new pizza places.  I lean towards places that have online ordering and I’m glad Pangea did.  It was a great end to our day at Great Wolf Lodge.

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