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Waffle House (Miami Gardens)

February 10, 2020

  • 19675 NW 2nd Avenue
  • Miami Gardens, FL 33169
  • (305) 409-1244
  • Website
  • Menu

Wednesday was another absolute brutal day on our eight day trip to Miami.  Our day started at 9:30 AM in Miami Beach and ended at 12:30 AM in Miami Gardens with barely enough time to stop for a bathroom break.  We survived the day on snacks and Pepsi.

I got lucky on Tuesday night and found alocal 24 hour diner in Hollywood.  We could have just done that again, but I got the idea to look for my favorite southern staple.  I mean, there had to be a Waffle House somewhere nearby, right?

Turns out, there was one a little over a mile from Hard Rock Stadium where we were working.  I convinced my colleague that he needed another night of greasy diner food so off we went.

The Miami Gardens Waffle House is on NW 2nd Avenue just south of NW 199th Street.  It’s a little hard to get to because of the way the road is configured with State Route 7 but I eventually figured it out.  They have kind of a weird set up here with people sitting outside the door taking and handing out take out orders.  I said we were dining in so she opened the door for us and we went looking for a table.

The set up of this Waffle House is no different from any other Waffle House.  There’s a lunch counter in the menu and a few booths to one side, tables on the other.  We spotted an open booth and sat down.

We both ordered Coke’s as we were looking over the menu.  I wasn’t in the breakfast mood yet despite it being 12:30 AM.  The only time I haven’t ordered breakfast food at a Waffle  House was a night we stayed in North Canton, OH a couple of years ago.  I really liked that sandwich so I ordered it again.

I picked the Texas Cheesesteak Melt without the onions.  The sandwich is thick, grilled Texas Toast with a large portion of chopped beef and cheese.  The sandwich is a mess but it’s so tasty.  The beef is grilled and seasoned on the flat top that cooks all the other meat and it just soaks up so much flavor.  The slice of American cheese tries to hold it all together but it just can’t.  The sandwich is very similar to a Maid-Rite but made with chopped beef instead of ground beef.

I’m never going to pass up hash browns when I’m at a Waffle House.  This time I got them covered with jalapenos, cheese, and ham.  The Waffle House hash browns are my favorite.  Most people never pass up the opportunity for a waffle from Waffle House but to me, the signature item is the hash browns.  They’re good enough on their own but a little spicy and a little salty from the ham makes them so much better.

This was somehow my colleagues first time at a Waffle House.  He did the Steak and Eggs then added on a waffle.

I picked up the check for both us since we were expensing anyway and he had gotten the last one.  The total was just over $40 before tip.

I will never not stop at a Waffle House when I’m in the south.  I’m really glad we found a local diner the night before but also super happy we found this place as well.  We’d eat here one more time, an even later night on Sunday where we brought a few more of our co-workers and it was just as delicious then as it was this time.


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