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The Original Steve’s Pizza

February 7, 2020

  • 5866 S. Flamingo Road
  • Cooper City, FL 33330
  • (954) 434-7331
  • Website
  • Menu

It wasn’t just my colleague and I in Miami for a few days…we were meeting a group of people from the company from all over the country.

Sunday was kind of a hectic day as everyone was getting in to town and making their way to the hotel.  My co-worker and I had some errands to run when we got to to town and some of the others had things they had to do to.

We set a meeting for about 7:00 at our hotel.  This was the first time we were all meeting each other and it would give us an opportunity to go over our assignments for the week.  It’s always a little weird working with people you don’t know even if you all have the same objective.

We decided to make it a pizza night.  My co-worker was kind of the guy in charge so he grabbed a couple of menus from the front desk for local pizza places.  We randomly picked one and he put in an order for three pizzas and a couple of salads.  I volunteered to go pick them up since my presence at the meeting was totally necessary.

The place we randomly picked was Steve’s Pizza in Cooper City.  The small take-out/delivery pizza place is on the corner of Flamingo and Sterling Roads in the Countryside Shops shopping plaza.

The shop is pretty typical of most carry-out/delivery pizza places.  There’s a small waiting area just inside the door with a large order counter that separates the kitchen from the public space.  I gave the man working their my name and he grabbed three boxes of pizza and bagged up two salads for me.  He threw in some paper plates knowing we had called from a hotel  and just assumed we had a large group since there were three pizzas.

We went with three pizzas.  Two were pretty traditional.  One was a little out there.

The first one was simple.  It was just pepperoni.  The pizza has a home made crust that stays pretty blonde when cooked.  It’s slightly chewy and has more of a NY style flopiness to it.  The pizza has a pretty liberal topping of cheese and pepperoni that creates that greasy goodnesss only delivery pizza can deliver.

The second pizza we got was half pepperoni and half sausage.  There was debate among our group when it came to the sausage.  They used slices that really crisped up around the edges.  I was a fan of this kind of sausage.  Others prefer it to be pinched off in to little balls.  To me, the crispiness around the edges is what made the meat really stand out.

The third pizza I’m still not sure why my colleague ordered what he did.  He got pepperoni, pineapple, and jalapeno.  I could do the pepperoni and jalapeno but pineapple on pizza is still just wrong. This is the one that ended up back in the room with us and mostly went to waste.  I did take the pineapple off a few slices and ate it cold.  The pepperoni and jalapeno were delicious….still giving co-worker a hard time about ordering pineapple on pizza.

The bill for our three pizzas and two salads was just under $80.

Steve’s Pizza has been in South Florida for a long time.  I thought the pizza was pretty solid.  My colleague did not.  He is much more of a chain restaurant person and prefers his pizza a certain way.  I am more of a eat what the locals eat kind of person and the locals have been eating at Steve’s for a long time for a reason.


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