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Scotts Corner Cafe

December 9, 2019

  • 11011 Norscott Street
  • Scotts, MI 49088
  • (269) 626-0116
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

I think I tell this story every year.  I like real Christmas trees.  My family did the artificial tree growing up because my mom didn’t like cleaning needles out of the carpet.  Our living room is hardwood so that’s not a problem.  Therefore, we go find a real Christmas tree every year.

We used to really love going to Gull Meadow Farms.  We’d pick out a pre-cut tree then visit the best Santa in the area.  They haven’t done the pre-cuts for a few years so we’ve hard to find a new place.

J didn’t want to go back to the place we went to last year so I started looking for a new.  I found a small farm near Scotts that had good reviews and good prices.  We decided to get up Saturday morning, go to breakfast, and get ourselves a tree.

J assumed we’d eat in Kalamazoo before heading out, but come on….you know me better than that.  Of course, I had a place in mind along the way.

I’ve wanted to get to Scotts Corner Cafe for years but we’ve never had any reason to go to Scotts before.  I’ve driven through the small community maybe five times in the ten years we’ve lived in Kalamazoo and I’ve never stopped.

Scotts Corner Cafe is on the corner of Norscott and South 36th Street on the north side of town.  I’m sure there’s a really cool back story to this building but there is very little information online about the restaurant.  The lower level was an IGA Grocery Store many years ago and the upper level was a Grange Hall.  It was probably many things both before and after.  Today, it’s a delicious small town family restaurant.

There are two separate dining areas and two entrances.  We went to the one on the corner and came into a large open dining room with hardwood floors and historic photos hanging from the maroon walls.  There was no host stand or sign that even said to seat yourself so we walked through the room to the second dining room.

The decor of the second dining room was similar but they had a couple of booths and more four tops.  Again, no sign about seating and there was an open booth right next to us so we took it.

A waitress saw us sit down and came over with menus.  J and I both got a pop to drink to get started but the kids got smoothies.  J got a mango and B got a bananda-strawberry.  Both came with whipped cream on top.

Breakfast is breakfast at a place like this.  Nothing fancy but it’s going to be greasy and hearty…the way breakfast should be.

I tried to order June’s Delight which is the Steak and Eggs breakfast…but they were out of steak.  Quickly scanning the menu, I settled on the Hearty Man Mark.  This is the big breakfast plate with 3 eggs, hash browns/home fries, toast/pancake and a lot of meat.

Plate number one had the eggs, potatoes, and toast.  I picked the hashbrowns as my potato.  These starchy sticks were cooked crispy and brown almost all the way through.  There was a bit of softness in the middle but a lot of crunch…the way I really like them.  The eggs were over medium and the toast was white bread with a thin layer of butter. Pretty standard breakfast stuff here.

The second plate in this order was all the meat….bacon, ham, and sausage.  The waitress offered any combination of the three (all one meat or a little extra of two meats) but I chose all three.  I didn’t get much of the bacon because the kids wanted more.  It was cooked very crispy..the way my family likes it.  The slice of ham was griddled giving it some caramelized edges.  There were two sausage links on the plate as well.  Sausage isn’t always my first choice but I do enjoy it every now and then.

J ordered the Spinach Feta Omelet.  The three egg omelet was overflowing with bacon, spinach and Feta cheese.  There was quite a bit of spinach on the inside so she took some out.  The crumbled Feta was both inside and on top of the eggs.  She chose home fries as her potato and this was a pretty solid choice.  The diced potatoes were crispy all around and just slightly greasy with a little salt.

We got B the Pancake off the Children’s Menu.  They did a little Mickey Mouse with one big pancake and two little ones for ears.  He got one piece of bacon on the side which isn’t enough so he took two of mine.  He ate most of the pancake though so I’m not going to complain.

We did a grown up breakfast for L because she needed both more bacon and toast than the kid’s menu offers.  She got Beau’s Best which is 2 eggs (scrambled), meat (bacon), and toast or a panckage (white toast).  She wasn’t super interested in the eggs for some reason but ate her bacon, half of her toast and a piece of her brother’s pancake.

The bill for breakfast was a little over $40 and it’s paid at a cash register near the back of the dining room we were sitting in.  This is also where they do their coffee drinks so if you’re driving through and realize there’s no drive-thru coffee shop for miles, you’ll still be able to get that fancy coffee to go.

Scotts Corner Cafe is the quintessential small town family restaurant.  They stick to the basics but they do it well.  It’s a cozy, friendly atmosphere and a place that could become part of our cutting down a Christmas tree tradition.




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