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Gelato & Co (San Juan)

October 7, 2019

  • 1309 Ashford Avenue
  • San Juan, PR 009074
  • (787) 722-7000
  • Website
  • Menu

Our lazy day in San Juan didn’t take us too far from the hotel.  We went to the beach in the morning.  I walked down the street for lunch.  Swam in the pool in the afternoon Went to the hotel restaurant for dinner.  This vacation was about relaxing and we tried to strike a good balance between exploration and being lazy.

We skipped dessert at the restaurant because we had coupons for gelato.  The hotel gave us a coupon book to enjoy some of the hotels features.  Drinks, gambling, and gelato all on the house.

Gelato & Co is a chain of gelato store mostly in the Caribbean.  They do have two stores in the mainland US in Houston and Naples.

The San Juan location of Gelato & Co is on Ashford Avenue in a retail space attached to one of the towers of the San Juan Marriott Resort and Stellaris Casino.  It’s only accessible from a street level entrance through the parking circle to the hotel.  There’s no connection to inside the hotel because the Gelato shop sits right next to the entrance of the parking garage.

The shop isn’t very big and most people were taking their treats to go.  There were two women working the small counter that has bins for the gelato as well as a dessert bar for the toppings.

The menu of available flavors was written on a small chalkboard on top of the sneeze guard.  Our coupons were for the “complimentary size” so it was pretty small but we really didn’t need much after a big dinner.

I kept it really simple with French Vanilla.  The small complimentary size cup was packed fool of a dense, rich French Vanilla gelato.  Gelato is so much richer and smoother than ice cream that a little bit is really more than enough.  The vanilla flavor was really strong in the silky smooth, creamy treat.

J’s pick was the Flavor of The Month….which got it’s own mini chalkboard.

The Pina Colada gelato tasted like…well, Pina Colada.

There are a couple of small tables and a sitting area with couches inside the shop to enjoy the gelato inside.  The shop is air conditioned too.  We grabbed the couch in the sitting area and ate our tiny cups gelato before heading back up to the room for the night.

The cost for our treats was nothing thanks to the coupons from the hotel.  If we had paid for them, it looks like it would have been about $3.50 a piece.  The small cups were more than enough for us after dinner.  The gelato was delicious…it was creamy, it was silky…it was just really, delicious.


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