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Breakfast at Tiffiny’s (Oshtemo Township)

September 17, 2019

  • 5222 W. Main Street
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • (269) 226-9222
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There’s nothing better than getting up on Sunday morning and going to breakfast.

We don’t do it nearly enough because we have a hard time getting moving in the morning.  Weekends at home are “veg” days.

J was craving breakfast last Sunday when I got up around 9:00 and asked about going out for breakfast.  She mentioned the new Breakfast at Tiffiny’s location in Oshtemo….she had me at “breakfast.”

Breakfast at Tiffiny’s recently opened a second location in the Maple Hill Pavillion on West Main Street in Oshtemo Township.  The restaurant is sandwiched between Five Below at Cato Fashions.  It’s in the storefront that used to be Maurices.

Breakfast at Tiffiny’s is another one of those places that is not unfamiliar to us.  We ate at the original location when they took over Maggie’s and I’ve eaten at the Portage location a time or two as well.

This new location in Oshtemo is huge.  We walked in right during the busy time after church and were seated right away.  The restaurant sort of has a bar feeling going on with a nice large lunch counter along one wall.  The counter looks like it’d be at home in a pub…except it’s painted bright green and the subway tiles on the wall give it more of a home kitchen feel than your local neighborhood bar.

The rest of the space is dotted with tables and booths.  There is enough room between each that you don’t feel crowded yet they still manage to fit a lot of tables in the dining room.  There was a steady stream of people in and out while we were there and there was always at least one table open ready to go.

The menu at Breakfast for Tiffiny’s isn’t your typical greasy spoon.  They have a lot of the diner favorites but have kicked them up a notch or two.

There was no simple Eggs Benedict on the menu but there was a Cuban Bennie.  This plate had English muffins topped with pork carnitas, sliced ham, Swiss cheese, pickles and two poached eggs.  The hollandsaise sauce had mustard added to which really gave this Benedict a strong Cuban sandwich flavor.  The pickles were an interesting touch.  I was never quite expecting the crunchy when I went in for a bite but they work so well with the pork and mustard that I got over it pretty quickly.  I chose hash browns for my side and I got a portion big enough to be a meal.  The potatoes were super crispy on the outside and cooked well enough that there was no steaming potato coming through…just the way I like it.

You gotta see this next one.  J ordered the Waffle Sliders.  Go ahead and just scroll down to get a look at those…..but then come back up here….I’ll wait……OK.  This plate is four mini waffles with a choice of four different toppings.  J thought she had to pick one for all for but the waiter told her she could mix and match.  She did two of the Chicken and Hot Bacon Jam and one each of the fresh strawberries with whipped cream and raspberry cream cheese drizzle with fresh raspberries.  Each of the tiny waffles was covered in the topping of choice then dusted with confectioners sugar.  There is a lot of food on this long narrow plate so J made sure to get a few bites from each before she had to call it quits.  The chicken and hot bacon jam was her favorite.  She said she liked the more savory ones.  The sweeter ones were amazing just not as amazing as the savory.

The kids menu was printed on the coloring pages the hostess brought when she seated us.  It’s pretty simple and there’s nothing unexpected on it.  There’s a few breakfast choices but there’s lunch options as well.

B chose the Chocolate Chip Silver Dollar Pancakes.  He got four pancake with a lot of chocolate chips on them.  I grabbed a couple to tear them in half and I had to go to the restroom to wash my hands off.  He got super messy between the chocolate and dipping them in the syrup.  He ate probably two and a half of the bigger than silver dollar pancakes but his sister helped him finish off the remaining ones.

L kept it simple as she always does.  She got the One Egg and Choice of Meat.  She picked bacon.  She got the egg scrambled and the bacon crispy.  She polished off her plate pretty easily then ate a couple of B’s pancakes so we actually left without wasting any food.  Breakfast seems to be the only meal that happens.

Our bill for breakfast was right around $45.

This meal at Breakfast at Tiffiny’s is one of the better breakfasts we’ve had in a while.  I’ve always been happy with my meals at the other locations but I don’t ever remember walking away feeling as happy with my food as I did from this visit.  We bounce around from breakfast place to breakfast place when we do decide to go out and having this option will make our decision to go someplace else a little bit harder.


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