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Waffle House (Mason North)

August 2, 2019

  • 5377 Beach Boulevard
  • Mason, OH 45040
  • (513) 398-2974
  • Website
  • Menu

When I planned this trip to Cincinnati, I got a cheap, crappy hotel by Kings Island.  I didn’t mean to do that but I was looking for something a little bit cheaper.  I was not looking for crappy..but hey, that’s what ya get for going cheap.

There was thing I was excited about this location though.  There was a Waffle House right across the street.  No one else in my family has been to Waffle House and they were missing out.  I was ready to show them why I stop every time I head south.

We picked the Waffle House on the north side of Mason, OH near Kings Island.  The restaurant is right at the intersection of Beach Boulevard and Water Park Drive.  No surprises in the size or design of the place.  It looks like pretty much every other Waffle House you’ll find dotted across the landscape in the Southern US.

Same deal on the inside.  The restaurant is essentially a long lunch counter with a few booths in tables in the space between the counter and the wall.  If you seen one Waffle House, you’ve seen them all.

A waitress was cleaning off one of the booths as we walked in and since there was no one else waiting for it, I headed right that way.  She finished wiping it down as we sat down and grabbed a couple of menus to look at.

As you already know, I almost always get Steak and Eggs or Eggs Benedict when we go out to breakfast.  The last time I blogged about Waffle House someone on Twitter gave me crap for not ordering waffle’s at Waffle House.  This time, I ordered waffles.

I ordered myself a Double Waffle and it turns out, I really could have gotten by for a single.  The big, fluffy waffles come with pretty large containers of whipped butter.  Add a little syrup and this double stack of waffles is really all you need for breakfast.

But that wasn’t all I needed for breakfast.  I needed hash browns.  I got a regular order of hash browns chunked and covered.  Waffle House consistently has the best hash browns.  They’re always so deliciously crispy on top and soft and warm in the middle but not too potato-y.

This was J’s first visit ever to a Waffle House and she dove right in with the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Texas Melt.  I gotta be honest, I considered ordering this too.  The melt is two slices of toasted Texas Toast with bacon, egg, and cheese stuffed in the middle of them.  She really liked this sandwich and really liked the hash browns that came with it.  She did hers just “covered” with melted cheese.

The kids were pretty anxious to get to the zoo so eating was not on their to-do list at that moment.  Unfortunately, they passed up a rare opportunity for us Northerners by zoning out during a Waffle House breakfast.

We got each kid a single waffle and some bacon.  We added toast on to L’s order because that’s all she ever really wants for breakfast.  L actually did alright eating maybe half of her waffle, all of her toast and a couple bites of bacon.  B I don’t even think ate a quarter of his waffle and none of his bacon.  We warned him several times there would be no treats at the zoo if he didn’t eat but our threats had no effect on him.

Our bill before tip was right around $40.

Waffle House delivered the way it always does and J finally got to see why I always get excited when I head out of town on a work trip somewhere far enough south that I will inevitably run into one of the iconic yellow buildings.

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