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New Buffalo Bills Wood Fired BBQ

July 22, 2019

  • 603 E. Buffalo Street
  • New Buffalo, MI 49117
  • (269) 469-9992
  • Website
  • Menu

The kids get to spend a few days with Grandma and Papa without Mom and Dad.  My parents have babysitted overnight a few times but they’ve never stayed this long.  We wanted a break from daycare costs and we get one week a year we can take.  I wanted to go to my parents anyway this weekend because J was going with some friends up north so we thought this would be a good week to leave them there.

I spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning with them.  I haven’t been to back to my hometown in a quite a while so it was nice to walk around the small village and see what’s changed.  I had to be back at work Monday morning though so around noon, I made sure everyone had what they needed them I started heading back towards Michigan.

I had a couple of places I wanted to stop and since I was by myself.  I could have went in to the city and gotten an Italian beef but I decided to hit a few Michigan places that I’ve never had time to get to.

I picked New Buffalo Bills Wood Fired BBQ in New Buffalo as my choice for lunch.  The restaurant is on the east side of New Buffalo right across the street from Redamak’s on US-12/E. Buffalo Street.  The parking lot and main entrance are actually the backside of the building accessible from Bronson Street.


There’s a sign when you enter that points you to either a cafeteria style kitchen if you’re dining in or to the bar if you’re going to put in an order or pick up carry-out.

I was going to eat in so I went back in to the little room that really reminds of you a school cafeteria.  The menus are posted on sign boards on the walls behind the counter.  There were two employees working in tandem to quickly fill orders of meats and sides from the trays in front of them.

I went with the Pick Two Combo Platter and chose beef brisket and pulled pork as my meats and macaroni & cheese and fries as my sides.  I added on a Coke and paid at the end of the line.  The price was right around $18 for the meal.

I grabbed my tray and headed into the dining room.  The decor is kind of modern rustic lodge.  There’s a large brick fireplace on one wall and exposed ceiling trusses but the white walls and tile floors don’t quite give it the “cabin in the woods” feel.

I started with the macaroni & cheese when I got to one of the few open tables along the wall.  The pasta was very creamy and very cheesy.  I needed to stop filling up on the mac & cheese though and get to the meats.  I just kept eating.

The fries had to be brought out after I sat down because they’re cooked fresh.  They’re simple frozen skin-on fries that make a good vehicle for getting some of their delicious home made sauce into your mouth.

I started with the Pulled Pork first because…save the best for last, right?  That’s not to say the pulled pork wasn’t delicious.  It was very tender and very juicy.  It didn’t have a lot of extra flavor but with a little bit of sauce, this is the kind of pulled pork we love to find in a sandwich.

The brisket was sliced into one pretty thick piece instead of two or even three thinner ones.  It was perfectly cooked, super tender brisket that falls apart when you try to pick it up.  Like the pork though, there wasn’t a lot of flavor that came through from either a seasoning or an injection.  It was really good and really tender but a good salt and pepper bark would have made this brisket amazing.

There are a lot of places to eat in the small tourist town of New Buffalo but this is one that gets overlooked.  There was a line out the door across the street at Redamak’s…if that was me, i would have walked across the street and got some delicious BBQ instead.


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