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EggCetera Cafe (Downtown Mokena)

July 8, 2019

  • 19709 Mokena Street
  • Mokena, IL 60448
  • (708) 478-6051
  • Website
  • Menu

We were a little slow to get moving after spending Saturday night at a friend’s 40th birthday party.  No, we weren’t hungover.  It was a 40th birthday party, not a 30th, so it ended at about 10:00…not 1:00.

No, we were a little slow to get moving because we had no kids to wake us up at the butt crack of dawn.  They were with my parents about an hour away and we were going to meet up around 11:00 or so back at the park in Mokena where we dropped them off the day before.  My niece had a second day of a softball tournament.

We missed breakfast at our hotel..which was was a cheap hotel where the employees were constantly smoking outside the front entrance so I wasn’t super sure we wanted to eat there anyway.

There was a Denny’s across the street….but come on, you should know me better than that.

I found a local place called EggCetera in downtown Mokena.   There are actually two locations.  The other is in a strip mall on 191st Street.  We passed that one on the way to one downtown which provided a much better atmosphere than a strip mall.

The original location sits right next to the Metra tracks on Mokena Street in historic downtown Mokena.  The train station is right across the street which is where we chose to park since it was a Sunday and there isn’t commuter traffic to downtown.  There appeared to be a pretty large lot behind the building but we didn’t see that when we pulled in.

The restaurant is kind of small but they make use of the space without losing the coziness of the building.  The multi-color tile floor and bright yellow walls give off that happy morning breakfast vibe.  We were met by a hostess right inside the door and took us to a table along the wall nearest to the train tracks.  Had it been a weekday, we would have seen the Metra coming in to the station but trains don’t run as often on Sunday.

The waitress followed close behind to take our drink orders.  They have Pepsi products which made me happy.

The breakfast menu is what you expect.  They have some specials written on a board right near where we were sitting but I had my selection narrowed down to the two things I always order.

I picked the Traditional Eggs Benedict.  They have a few variants on the classic but I stuck to the traditional route.  The two toasted English muffins had the poached eggs, grilled country ham balanced on top of them.  The whole thing was then drenched in a creamy hollandaise sauce.  There country ham was thick and he a delicious grilled edge on each slice.  The hollandaise stuck to everything which helped hold all three pieces of the Benedict to the fork.  The plate came with some delicious, crunchy home made country has browns that were more like thinly sliced potatoes instead of shredded.

J picked one of the specials which was some kind of crepe.  She got two neatly folded crepes filled with fruit and topped with banana, Nutella, and powdered sugar.  She’s a little more adventurous than I am when it comes to breakfast.  These crepes hit the spot before we headed back out to the park to pick the kids up from my parents.

Our bill for breakfast was right around $30 before tip.  The waitress dropped the check off at the table and payment is done at the cash register right next to the front door.

EggCetera Cafe is a fantastic little breakfast joint in a cute downtown area.  I’m sure they do great with commuters in the morning and would no matter how good or bad the food is.  Location is not their only selling point though.  They have a great menu with delicious options in a convenience, cozy space.

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