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Rusted Spoke Brewing Company

June 4, 2019

  • 810 S. Huron Street
  • Mackinaw City, MI 49701
  • (231) 4365773
  • Website
  • Menu

I spent most of last week on Mackinac Island for work but I didn’t stay on the Island.  My hotel was in Mackinaw City so when my job was done for the day, I had to hop a ferry back to the mainland and try to get a few hours of sleep before the day started over again with the first ferry back to the Island.

My first day in town, I wasn’t planning on going out to the Island.  I had planned on getting settled in the hotel and enjoying dinner but at the last minute, my employer decided I needed to run out to the Island to complete a quick task.  I grabbed a 4:00 ferry from Star Line, did what I needed to do, then took the 6:00 ferry back to Mackinaw Island.

I was planning on heading to my hotel then figuring out dinner but as I was pulling out of Star Line’s parking lot, I realized I was facing a brewery.  I had no idea there was second brewery in Mackinaw City.  Instead of turning right, I went straight through and pulled in to the lot.

Rusted Spoke Brewing is on Huron Street south of the main business district in Mackinaw City.  The brewery started out as Paddle Hard North but changed the name about a month ago to differentiate itself from the original Paddle Hard Brewing in Grayling.  The building had been Embers Restaurant several years before it was gutted and turned into a brewery late last year.

I walked in the door and found a hostess station and a huge merchandise area.  I walked past this area to what I thought was the bar but this was just a secondary one.  The hostess pointed me to the main bar which was back through the merch area and in to the main dining room.


I finally found my way to the bar and took a seat.  The bar is fully stocked and features a number of Michigan beers not only from Rusted Spoke but from several breweries around the state.  The large L-shaped bar appears to be made with reclaimed wood.  The beer list is displayed on TV’s hanging on either side of the bar.

The dining room has a very rustic look with ceiling beams exposed, hanging bulb lights, and a lot of wood decor.  The tables are mostly pub tables with stainless steel tops and metal chairs with wood seats but there are some regular size four tops near the back.

I picked one of Rusted Spoke’s beers to enjoy with dinner.  Tandem is an Imperial IPA and it was delicious.  It’s a little juicy which cuts down on the hoppiness a little but it’s still a strong 12.5% ABV.

When the bartender brought the beer, I put in an order for Mac ‘N Cheeseburger.  This sandwich is pretty much what it sounds like…a burger topped with mac ‘n cheese.  The pasta was super creamy and very rich.  The was juicy and just slightly pink.  The burger came with Peddle Fries which are pretty unique.  They’re long, flat strips of potatoes cooked like a french fry.  It’s kind of a cross between a fry and a chip and they worked as great little paddles to pick up the macaroni that fell off the sandwich.

My bill for dinner was just a little over $20 before tip.

I wasn’t looking for a brewery when I got to Mackinaw City and I had no idea this one was even there so I gotta say, it was a pretty great surprise.  Rusted Spoke is a great spot to hang out after a day on the Island and try a few beers with dinner.

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