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Jersey Giant Subs (Stadium Drive)

May 14, 2019

  • 3621 Stadium Drive
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49008
  • (269) 532-1358
  • Website
  • Menu

I have professed my love for Jersey Giant Subs many, many times on this blog over the years.  They’re such simple, delicious sandwiches that are far superior to the big chains that do almost the same thing.

Several years ago now, we had a JGS on the west side of town.  It was on Drake Road near the Kohls and I ate there often.  I didn’t eat out much over the winter that year and one day I stopped to get a sandwich and the store was closed.  We lost our West Side JGS.

Last week, we got a west side location back.

Jersey Giant Subs opened up on Stadium Drive near Meadowview Lane.  It shares a building with the Hertz Rent-A-Car location near the car dealerships.  This spot had been a Subway for several years before it closed a few months ago.

I’m actually kind of surprised it took me three days to stop in for a sandwich, but it did.  I was running some errands on my lunch break and just decided to head west on Stadium from downtown to grab a bite to eat.

The restaurant is set up like most of the other JGS locations.  The order counter is familiar to most sandwich shops where the large sandwiches are constructed assembly line style.  Meats and cheeses are cut from fresh on one end then the toppings are placed on top in the middle before reaching the end where the sandwich is cut in to quarters and wrapped up in butcher paper.

There’s a pretty large seating area opposite the order counter.  Nothing fancy just some booths along the wall with large letters spelling out Jersey Giant Subs so you know where you’re at.

I ordered The Boss on white bread.  It’s usually my go-to if I don’t want to spend the extra three bucks on The Jersey Devil.

The Boss is ham, capicola, prostini, salami, pepperoni, and cheese.  I got this sandwich topped off with lettuce, banana peppers and the “Jersey Juice.”  Some locations have giardiniera as a topping options but I didn’t see the sign at this one and I didn’t ask.  I prefer the giardiniera but the banana peppers add a sweetness if I can’t get it.

It’s no secret that I could go on and on about these sandwiches.  It’s really the Jersey Juice..which is just balsamic and olive oil…that makes these sandwiches so good.  The fresh baked bread, the house sliced meats…everything that goes in to these sandwiches is just so much better.


The cost of my sandwich was a little over $12.  I guess I’ve eaten at and raved about Jersey Giant for so long that you’re probably getting tired of reading about it.  I love that we have a JGS back on the west side of town.  I go to the Washington Square one quite often just because it’s the closest to work.  Now, I’ll be able to pick up a sandwich on my way home and that makes me very happy.

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