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Tastee Treet

September 7, 2018

  • 744 E. Main Street
  • Fennville, MI 49408
  • (269) 561-2236
  • Website
  • Menu

A day at the beach can only be capped off with ice cream.

We spent about two hours at Oval Beach in Saugatuck before heading back to Kalamazoo with two exhausted kids.  J suggested stopping in Allegan for ice cream.  I liked the idea and so did the kids so that was the plan.

As we were coming in to Fennville, we almost drove right in to an ice cream stand.  B was very close to falling asleep and may not have made it to Allegan so J told me to just pull off the road there so we got ice cream before kids started falling asleep.

Tastee Treet (yes, that awful spelling is correct), is just outside of the Fennville city limits on Main Street right at the intersection with 56th Street/New Richmond Road.  The building is a walk up ice cream shop with a parking lot that wraps around the building.

Like most of these seasonal, neighborhood ice cream places, there is a walk up window with the menu posted on several different mediums.  They have a pretty large food menu in addition to all the ice cream.  The bulk of those menus is printed on old time slotted menu boards, but some of the more creative ice cream creations show up with pictures on construction paper taped to the windows.

B was pretty simple.  He saw a photo for a Sponge Bob Popsicle in the window and that’s what he wanted.  We tried to convince him to get ice cream but he was dead set on the Popsicle.  It was pretty messy and most of it dripped on his hand before he could eat it but he seemed happy with his choice.  We just had a helluva time cleaning him up once he was done.

J saw something on one of the picture menus that she wanted.  Her pick was a creation called Gerald’s Gone Fishing.

This cup is a combination of ice cream and a slushee topped with gummy fish.  Slush and ice cream are her two favorite things so she was really happy with this one.  The vanilla ice cream took on a lot of the blue raspberry flavor but it made for an interesting texture.

J and I both did Flurries.  She did a medium cheesecake which comes with choice of fruit topping.  Alongside the little cheesecake bites, she picked cherries as her topping.  The flurries weren’t mixed really well so most of the toppings were on top.

I did a large chocolate chip cookie dough flurry and I wasn’t sure if there were any cookie pieces other than what was on top.  I felt like I wsa pretty much just eating a cup of vanilla ice cream once I got past the first layer.  Every so often I would find another piece but for the most part, what you see in the picture is all there was of the cookie dough pieces.

Our bill was a little over $16 before I rounded up for the tip.  Tastee Treet is pretty typical of most ice cream stands of this kind.  There was a lot of delicious food coming out of the kitchen including some really good looking and smelling fried chicken.  We were only in the market for ice cream after a big lunch so we didn’t try anything but this place looks like it’s more than just sweet treats.

Tastee Treet Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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  1. Garry Asmus permalink
    September 7, 2018 2:12 pm

    Looks like it is also a good bargain. It’s hard for 4 people to get away with spending only $16,00 @ Dairy Queen.

    • SW Michigan Dining permalink*
      September 13, 2018 11:07 am

      That is so true.

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