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Rockford Brewing Company

August 1, 2018

  • 12 E. Bridge Street NE
  • Rockford, MI 49341
  • (616) 951-4677
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We finally did it.  We finally became true Michiganders.  For the first time, we’re taking a vacation “up north”….and not just to go to Great Wolf Lodge.  We’re staying in a cabin in a campground and everything.  Not quite roughing it but not in a hotel either.

Neither one of us wanted to use a full week of vacation so I worked Monday and J worked her shift Monday and Tuesday.  She got out of work about 11 AM and we hit the road.

The plan all along was to stop along the way and get something to eat.  I asked if she could make it as far as Rockford.  She said yes.  I had a brewery in mind.

Rockford Brewing Company is another one of those breweries that has long been on my short list of places to eat at.  We just don’t get to Rockford very often…or at all.

The brewery sits near the Rogue River on the southeast corner of downtown Rockford.  The brewery is on Bridge Street right along the White Pine Trail.  They share a parking lot with Ramon’s Table.  Ramona’s was packed for lunch so we had to go to the public lot on the other side of the trail and walk up the hill to get to the building.

The a host stand right as you walk in the door from this side, but a sign on the stand told us to seat ourselves.

There weren’t a lot of choices for seating indoors.  There are stairways on either side of the small dining room which I assume is more seating but both of those sections were closed off.

The dining room is only four tables and two of them were taken.  I spotted a table with three chairs back by the brewery part of the facility thinking we could make that work if we had to, but as I got around the big table, I noticed a four top open so we took that.

The other option was to sit outside.  They have a great patio area along the building next to the trail. There were people sitting out there and it was a nice day but with the kids we still prefer to sit inside.  Sitting on the patio seems to mean to them that they can run around and we weren’t about to let them do that.

Back inside there is a really great bar with backless stools.  It’s a perfect spot to have a few beers after work and grab a bite to eat.  The bar is framed with large white pine and maple beams giving the place a somewhat rustic feel in this very modern area of downtown Rockford.

When the waitress came over for drinks, I asked about flights.  She said I could do as many as I liked in five ounce pours.  They do have a four glass flight board but she didn’t tell me that so I ordered five and she just balanced the fifth on top of the board when she brought it over.

I started with a couple of dark beers first picking up the Summer Rhubarb Stout from the back corner.  I don’t like Rhubarb so I was second guessing myself when I ordered this but I also know the rhubarb is just there to add some sweetness…which it did.  It didn’t really have a rhubarb taste to it..just a hint of sweetness in a deliciously thick stout.

Beer two was Rogue River Brown.  This is probably their signature beer.  It’s won a few awards in the style.  It’s a tasty beer but I don’t drink a lot of Brown Ale’s to really form an opinion on where it stands against the competition.  I’d drink more of it though…so there’s that.

The third beer was interesting.  Malph Premium Light (The Champagne of Rockford) is technically listed as a cream ale, but they call it a light beer.  Non-craft drinkers are becoming quite a market for craft beers and this one fits in nicely.  It’s not as bland as the macro-lights but it’s not as heavy or hoppy as a craft ale.

My fourth selection was Hoplust.  I almost skipped this one because I thought I have had it before.  According to Untappd, that is false.  I have not.  This beer is a solid American IPA.  It’s just a little hoppy but totally drinkable.

My last selection was my favorite…as I assumed it would be.  Little George is Rockford’s Double IPA.  It was hoppy.  It was bitter.  It was everything I like in a good Imperial.  This is the one I would have ordered if I was just getting one and the one I’ll look forward to when they start canning.

J picked a beer but not quite on purpose.  She read the menu wrong and thought the Honey Trapp was one of the Cider’s.  It’s not, it’s actually a honey beer.  It wasn’t a bad mistake to make.  She still liked this beer as the sweetness from the honey was pretty strong.

I actually passed on a burger and ordered the Pulled Pork Cubano when it came time to ordering food.  The sandwich uses a toasted Torta bread that is packed with pulled pork, smoked ham, housemade pickles, Swiss cheese, and a Hoplust mustard.  I could have used a little more mustard on the was a delicious spicy, whole grain mustard.  There was just a thin spread which was fine..I only want more to be greedy because I really liked it.  The ham was nice and salty and a good undertone to the roasted pulled pork.  The sandwich came with insanely delicious hand cut fries.  All four of us agreed on this one.  The fries were fantastic.  They were dark and golden brown with big pieces of sea salt on each one.  Very tasty.

J ordered Sawyer Quinn’s Grilled Cheese.  This delicious sandwich is cheese curds, bacon, and a cheddar and herb roasted compote on sourdough.  The sandwich was so gooey and cheesy.  It had a delicious buttery crust on the outside.  The sandwich also came with fries which J liked as much as I did.

The kids each wanted something different again.  They have a pretty good kids menu so the kids had a lot of choices.  B wanted grilled cheese.  This one is much simpler than the one J got.  It’s just delicious, golden brown sourdough bread with American cheese in the middle.  He ate almost a full half and a handful of fries after we got him both ranch and ketchup to dip them in.

L picked the Mac & Cheese.  The dish a a boat filled with a house made American and Cheddar cheese sauce..and a few noodles as well.  She ate about half..and a few fries, but J and I didn’t want to let this one go to waste.  We each pitched in to help her finish it despite being stuffed ourselves because it was such a delicious, gooey, creamy cheese.

Our bill for lunch was a little over $56 before tip.  I know I keep saying it and keep saying it but Michigan is so lucky to have such incredible breweries that not only turn out amazing beers but also are home to some amazing restaurants.  Rockford Brewing Company keeps that tradition alive.  There are so many great dining options in downtown Rockford and this one is the place if you want delicious beers to go along with that delicious food.

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  1. August 2, 2018 10:40 am

    summer rhubarb stout sounds good 🙂

    • SW Michigan Dining permalink*
      August 3, 2018 10:52 pm

      It was tasty

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