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Milwaukee’s Classic Pizza

July 2, 2018

  • 3929 S. Howell Avenue
  • Milwaukee, WI 53207
  • (414) 744-7400
  • Website
  • Menu

We broke our “Friday is pizza night” rule again after a long day at the Milwaukee County Zoo.  It was only Thursday but no one was really in the mood to go out to a restaurant.  We had spent most of the day either in the car or walking around in the hot sun.

We got back to our hotel in Oak Creek, WI around 3:30.  The kids were itching to go swimming but we had told them we were going to wait until after dinner.  J and I just wanted to rest.

A little after 4:00, as the kids were being forced to watch whatever was on PBS instead of having an Apple TV Remote in their hand, J told me to order a pizza from somewhere.  I had a couple of options.  One was a regional chain.  One was a local place.  I wanted somewhere that just does carry-out/delivery style pizza and I found one not too far from our hotel that was highly rated.

Milwaukee’s Classic Pizza is on Howell Avenue just to the south of Howard Street in the Tippecanoe Neighborhood just north of the airport.  The restaurant is on a very busy boulevard with street parking up and down the street.  I was lucky enough to find a spot right outside.

I put my order in online for a large pepperoni pizza and a medium cheese.  There was a web special to get that large one for ten bucks so the total for two pizzas came out to around $25 before tip.  The web ordering did get a little confusing at the end.  It told me I was ordering from an address in San Francisco but that just appears to be the address of….which appears to be who powers the online ordering part of their business.

There’s not much of a public space at Milwaukee’s Classic Pizza.  When I went to research places, I wanted a carry-out place.  I didn’t want a fancy sit-down restaurant that also does carry-out.  There is just one table near the windows, a church pew below the LED menu boards, and a couple of chairs along the wall in case you have to wait.  There was a woman waiting for me at the counter when I walked in.  I gave her my name and she pulled my two pizzas out of the warming oven.  I asked about paper plates before I left.  She grabbed four and some napkins and threw them in a bag for me.

It was about a ten minute drive back to the hotel.  The kids met me at the door.  They were hungry and needed pizza.

The cheese pizza, for the most part, was for the kids.  Other than being a carry-out place nearby, the thing that really sold me on Milwaukee’s Classic Pizza was the thin crust.  The pizza has a delicious, crispy thin crust topped with a sweet sauce and a golden brown layer of mozzarella cheese.  It’s cut into squares which makes it easier to eat as it does get a little soft in the middle.

The pepperoni pizza was the same thin crust with delicious sauce and cheese but with the addition of some crispy sliced pepperoni.  J and B both helped me a little bit on eating this one but I had enough left for a midnight snack after everyone went to bed.

Milwaukee’s Classic Pizza was a good call.  We all prefer thin crust pizza and this is a delicious crispy on the outside thin crust pizza.  Finding good delivery pizza is always a challenge.  It seems too many times, they’re all the same not quite thin but not quite thick crust options with canned sauce and pre-packaged cheese.  That’s not what you get at Milwaukee’s Classic Pizza.  The pizza is delicious and something we’d order quite often if we lived in this area.

Milwaukee Classic Pizza Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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