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Wetzel’s Pretzels (Portage)

January 5, 2018

  • 6650 S. Westnedge Avenue #108
  • Portage, MI 49024
  • (269) 329-0610
  • Website
  • Menu

There are certain food chains that require a must stop at for me based on aura alone.  They’re usually west coast places that we can’t get here in Michigan, so when one of them pops up, I go a little crazier than I’d like to admit.

Wetzel’s Pretzels is one of those places.  I had never had Wetzel’s before.  In fact, the only reason I knew the name is from a TV show.  Yes, Dear did an episode where the families got stuck in an airport and while Greg was miserable and angry about the setback, Jimmy was ecstatic to use his Wetzel’s Pretzels coupons.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been to Crossroads Mall so I was a little surprised to see a Wetzel’s Pretzels had opened shop on the lower level in the Macy’s wing.  It’s actually just below Auntie Anne’s which is on the second level.

The reason we were in the mall in the first place was to go to Build-A-Bear Workshop.  The kids had both gotten gift certificates for Christmas and wanted to make teddy bears.  Wetzel’s Pretzels is just across the hall from Build-A-Bear.

J got in line to pay for the bears and asked if I’d go get the kids something to drink.  I found this as a way to get some pretzels for myself.

The counter service storefront is similar to any fast food place in any mall in America.  There’s an multimedia sign board hanging from the ceiling showing off their snacks and a glass warming case with the already made pretzels waiting to be picked.  There’s a small pretzel making station next to the warming cabinet where the pretzels were made but there was a pretty good supply waiting so the lone employee was just hanging around waiting.

The menu is on a sign board right in front of the register.  It’s a simple menu.  There are various iterations of pretzels and hot dog creations.

I got each of the kids a Frozen Lemonade.  L asked for a red one which is Kiwi Strawberry while B asked for a blue which is Blue Raspberry.  I stuck to the regular size because neither kid every finishes a whole drink.

We had just had a pretty big lunch at Chili’s before heading to the mall so I really wasn’t all that hungry but I still wanted to try something.  I ordered the Wetzel Bits.  These bite size pretzels are plain when they’re taken out of the warmer but salt can be added to them.  They are delicious soft buttery that are good on their own or with some cheese sauce to dip them in.

As for that sauce, there are a few options.  Cheddar cheese, jalapeno cheese, sweet caramel, sweet glaze, and pizza sauce to be exact.  I chose the Cheddar Cheese.  The dips are all prepackaged little cups that are just under five ounces each.  It’s not quite enough to dip all of the Bits if you’re gready and want to get as much cheese as you can on each one.

So, is Wetzel’s Pretzels what I built it to be in my mind?  Is anything ever?  It’s a really good pretzel mall pretzel place, but I can’t say that it stood out anymore than any of it’s competitors.  I love soft pretzels from places like Wetzel’s.  They just have a buttery crunch that is so hard to replicate at home.

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