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Sarefino’s Pizza & Italian Deli

July 25, 2017

  • 59 Spruce Street
  • Columbus, OH 43215
  • (614) 457-3900
  • Website
  • Menu

Our first task once arriving at North Market was to find food for the kids.  We had skipped breakfast to make sure they were hungry for lunch.  We were meeting up with friends in Columbus who we hadn’t seen in a long time and we really didn’t want meltdowns because they didn’t want to eat.

I had done a little research before we got to the market so I knew where to go once we got there.  We sort of started walking around and our path took us right to the pizza place.  Pizza is never a bad option when it comes to my kids.

Serafino Pizza & Italian Deli is the pizza option at the North Market.  They take up a space sort of near the back of the market not far from the middle Park Street entrance.

The pizzeria is set up with a large rotating pizza warmer right up front showing off the New York Style slices they have ready and waiting.  If you need more than a slice, they also take orders for whole pizzas, sandwiches, and stromboli’s and calzones.

I kind of zoned out and left J to do the ordering.  I was still so impressed with North Market and was looking for a BBQ place that I had seen.  She ordered three slices of pizza thinking that’s what she was going to eat as well.

The three slices of cheese pizza were pulled out of the warmer and tossed back into the oven to warm up before they were tossed on to paper plates and wrapped in aluminum foil.  The three plates were bagged up and handed to J.  She grabbed a lot of napkins before heading to find me before going upstairs to meet our friends at a table.

The pizza was a classic New York Style pizza.  The oversized slice of pizza was cut into triangles and it had a very doughy handle.  It worked best if you folded the pizza in the middle with your thumb.

Both kids ate most of their slice before getting restless.  J ended up getting BBQ so there was a third piece that no one was eating.  I didn’t really need it, but I wanted to try it before we just tossed it in the garbage.  The cheese had a nice golden brown hue to it and you can see the grease from the cheese dripping off the edges.  I picked the piece up and folded it in half.  You really get a lot of crust in each bite doing it this way, but it’s the only way to eat this type of pizza.  The sauce had a little bitterness to it which was the main flavor of the slice.  The dough was dusted with cornmeal on the bottom to give it a little crunchiness, but for the most part, the slice was more chewy than crunchy.

Our bill for the three slices of pizza was a little over $10.  The only time I ever eat pizza like this is when I can do it by the slice.  I typically prefer a cracker thin crust with a sweet sauce, but the New York style lends itself well to grab and go slices.  Serafino’s is one of many great restaurants tucked into this market and it’s the one my kids would get the most out of.

 Sarefino's Pizzeria and Italian Deli Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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