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Silver Harbor Brewing Company

July 20, 2017

  • 721 Pleasant Street
  • St. Joseph, MI 49085
  • (269) 281-7100
  • Website
  • Menu

It’s over.  Finally.  It’s over.  No more weddings this year.  I love my friends and family, but three weeks in a row to start the month of July J and I had weddings to go to.

The final of the three took us to Hobart, IN.  The reception for J’s cousin’s wedding was at County Line Orchard.  It was a family wedding, so the kids were invited which meant all four of us stayed in a hotel in nearby Portage, IN.

The hotel had free breakfast so we didn’t leave for that meal and we left around nap time for B.  Luckily, he fell asleep at about the time we got on the highway.

We were just going to head straight home, but around Stevensville, we started talking about lunch.  B had been asleep for over and an hour and I had a brewery in St. Joseph that I’ve been wanting to go to.  J initially said no, but after I missed my exit, she said, “what the hell.”

I got off at the Niles Road exit and headed towards downtown St. Joseph.  The car was pointed towards Silver Harbor Brewing Company which is right on the corner of Pleasant and Court Streets east of the main downtown district.

Silver Harbor Brewing sits on a narrow road in a building that used to house a yoga studio.  They have the production facility and taproom all in the same place.

Parking is in some angled spots around the area.  There are a lot of parking lots, but they’re all for other businesses.  There’s not a nearby public lot that I could see.  Luckily, we found a spot on Court Street right in front of the patio.

The four of us headed in and found a hostess station that also doubles as a merchandise area right inside the door.  There was one table left near the back of the space right in front of the windows looking in on the fermenters.  The hostess went to grab a high chair and then led us back to the table.

The dining room is larger than I expected and was packed on this Sunday afternoon.  There are a combination of pub tables and regular tables throughout the space including a couple tables near where we were sitting for larger groups.  Just being in St. Joseph, I expected a cheesy nautical theme, but that wasn’t the case.  The dining room was full of clean lines and a lot of wood with duct work exposed in the ceiling and lights hanging on long chains over the bar.

There’s a huge 45 footh bar that runs about 3/4 of the length of the bar.  They went with a rough, natural wood shape.

The current tap list is written on a chalkboard hanging over the taps.  The cool thing you’ll see on there is “smoked beer”  I didn’t try this or see it happening, but I’ve seen pictures where they put the beer in a glass chamber and inject smoke in to it.  You can do it with any of their beers, but obviously, some work better than others.

There were no ciders or meads on the menu for J and at first glance, I didn’t see anything I thought she’d like.  I took another quick glance through it and noticed the Good Timez Razzberry Wheat.  I was hoping for something a little more fruity.  The raspberry flavor was there, but not super pronounced.  It was a little more bitter than sweet.  I thought the one sip I took was alright and J drank the whole thing without complaining, but she didn’t rave about it either.

I saw the table next to me sharing a flight, so I asked to do that as well.

My first beer was So Heffen Good.  I don’t order Hefeweizen’s very often, but it felt like a good day to order a lighter beer to get things started.  J was getting the wheat ale, so I went for something different.

Beer number two is one I would usually save to last, but I had a trio of IPA’s waiting to at the end.  The second beer was Sunrise Breakfast Stout.  It is what it sounds like.  An oatmeal stout brewed with coffee….Ferris Coffee and Nuts Kona Coffee to be exact.

There were a couple of IPA options on the menu which always makes me happy.  The third beer on my flight was the first of three IPA’s.  Party Barge is Session IPA.  This one has a pretty low ABV coming it at 4.9%.  The thing that jumped out to me was the piney aftertaste.  Good, but there were better to come.

I know Sessionable IPA’s are supposed to be low alcohol and something you could sit there and drink all day, but with me, the beer I could drink all day is the beer that kicks me in the teeth.  The fourth beer of my flight was Hops, Sweat, And Tears.  It’s a light body IPA that still isn’t a big ABV beer, but it has a really crisp, clean taste that makes this one very easy to drink.

The last beer of the flight was the Double IPA Juice, Sweat and Tears.  They call this the “bigger cousin” of Hops, Sweat, and Tears and what makes it stand out to me is the use of Citra hops.  I love the flavor citra hops give to beers and this one was no exception.  This is the kind of beer I’d love to have a few bottles of in my fridge just for those nights a beer sounds good after work.

Alright, now, let’s talk food.  I’m going to start with the kids because I love what they did.  I say this every time I  blog about a brewery.  They don’t have to cater to families, but damn am I grateful for the ones that do.

Silver Harbor gave us Wiki Stix, crayons and a bag of goldfish when we sat down.  The Wiki Stix can keep L entertained for hours.

Neither kid has been eating really well lately and we get a little tired of wasting money.  We made the decision they were just going to split a pizza.  This is a case we should have gotten them each one.

We let L order herself a cheese pizza with french fries for her and B to share.  The menu said something about “table side pizza” which we thought sounded odd.  Turns out it is odd….and awesome.

They bring a crust out to the table with a little bowl of sauce and some shredded cheese and let the kids make their own pizza.  L loves making pizza.  We do it all the time at home.  We’ll make the dough from scratch and then build pizzas before throwing them on the grill.  L knew exactly what to do and grabbed the spoon while B went straight for the shredded cheese.  The two of them built the pizza before the waitress came back to the table to give it to the kitchen to cook.

When the pizza comes back to the table, it’s cooked to a tasty golden brown.  We split the pizza up between the two kids and, as expected, they both ate about one and a half pieces.  J and I each grabbed what was left.  The sauce on the pizza is pretty sweet with a little bit of a spice to it.  It’s a pretty solid base for a pizza but the kids are still just eating cheese with L occasionally going for pepperoni.

The pizza came with applesauce and choice of side, of which the kids chose fries.  They fries are waffle fries and the basket that was given to them was incredibly salty.  B would take a bit and just “no” and spit it out.  We couldn’t figure out why until I took a bite.  I gave some of my fries to them and took the salty ones.  The ones that J and I got were seasoned much better.  They were still pretty generic waffle fries but a good compliment to our meals

I got a burger.  I know, right.  Totally unlike me.  It looks like their menu has changed a little since they posted it on their website because both of the burger options there sound incredibly delicious…but they weren’t options on the menu I was given.

What I got was the Harbor Burger (different than the one on the online men).  This one is a 7 oz patty that is a custom blend of three cuts of steak.  It was topped with gouda cheese as well as the typical lettuce, tomato, and onion as well as homemade pickles. It’s served on an flaky artisan bun that soaks up all the goodness that oozes out of the burger.  The stuff oozing was all the delicious juices from the perfectly cooked patty.  It was a little crispy on the outside but soft, pink, and juicy in the middle.  This burger was good on it’s own, but it could be a great canvas for a variety of toppings.

J ordered the Smoked Gouda Grilled Cheese which our waitress said was the best thing on the menu.  This sandwich is toasted sourdough bread stuffed with smoked gouda, cheddar cheese, a kale pesto, and tomato chutney.  J loved this sandwich.  She said it was one of the best grilled cheese sandwiches she has ever had.  It wasn’t a very big sandwich, but it packed a lot flavor.  We shouldn’t be surprised by some of the amazing food we get at breweries anymore, but whenever one of us gets a sandwich like this,  it just reiterates why we love the craft beer scene in this state so much.

The bill for our lunch was a little over $41.  Silver Harbor Brewing Company is another in a growing line of amazing breweries in our little corner of the state.  I really need to try the smoked beer next time, but everything I put in my mouth was insanely tasty.

Silver Harbor Brewing Company Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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