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What’s The Scoop

April 16, 2017

  • 3667 Baldwin Street
  • Hudsonville, MI 49426
  • (616) 662-6423
  • Website
  • Menu

Pretty short weekend for J and I.  I had to work Friday and she had to work Sunday which left us with really only Saturday off together.  We had to cram all of our family activities, including the Easter Bunny visit, in to one day.

We told the kids that Mama called the Easter Bunny and asked if he’d come Saturday morning so she could be there when they found their baskets.  The kids were up pretty early and I wanted to be there to, so J got me up.  After the fun was over, I went back to bed while J took the kids to B’s music class.

When they got done, J texted and asked if I wanted to take the kids to The Critter Barn in Zeeland.  We took L there a few years back and loved it.  We’ve been talking about going for a while and it was such a nice day, we just decided to spend it along the Lakeshore.

We spent about an hour and a half petting and holding all kinds of animals.  B lost interest pretty quickly.  He just wanted to run around, but L loved it.  She kept going back to the chicks she could hold and the cat room.

We left The Critter Barn at a time that was a little too early for dinner.  Also, B didn’t want to sit still so we didn’t think a restaurant would be a good idea. J wanted ice cream though so I told her to look for something in Hudsonville.

What she found was What’s The Scoop.  It’s a little farther off the highway than I was hoping.  The small ice cream shop is on Baldwin Street in a strip mall right next to the Baldwin Street Middle School/Georgetown Elementary School complex near 36th Avenue.

We hit the shop at exactly the wrong time.  There was a softball game just letting out at the sports complex next door and there was a pretty big tournament or something going on at Dale E. Wagner Park just down the street.  Oh, and it was a nice day.  The line to get ice cream was almost out the door.

We decided to wait because we had already promised L ice cream.  It seemed to be moving pretty fast, but like I mentioned earlier, B just wanted to run.  J suggested I take him to sit down in a booth and give him my cell phone to keep him still while she ordered us some treats.

The menu at What’s the Scoop is pretty typical for an ice cream shop.  They have Hudsonville Ice Cream for scoops as well as a soft serve machine with nine different flavors.  There’s a small food menu to go along with ice cream treats that include flurries, sundaes, floats, malts, and a handful of specialty creations

I had J get me a small Cookie Dough Flurry that I would share with B.  I typically go for Peanut Butter Cup or Oreo flurries, but I did something different and I can’t complain about the choice.  It was pretty good.  The flurry was made with vanilla ice cream and little bits of cookie dough mixed in.  B liked it as much as I did and fought me for the cup many times.

L got a scoop of ice cream.  She didn’t get the one she wanted because they were out of whatever the rainbow ice cream was, but she got Candy Play Dough instead.  This blue ice cream (blue is not a flavor?) is mixed with colored pieces of cookie dough.  She still got some kind of rainbow, but not the rainbow colored Super Scoop that she wanted.  That didn’t stop her from eating the whole dish though.

J went with a soft serve ice cream and got Cake Batter.  What’s the Scoop uses The 9-Flavor Fuzinate machine which gives more of a choice that a regular soft serve with just chocolate and vanilla.  She chose to do a cup of the Cake Batter which she said was delicious and easier to eat than a typical scoop.

Our bill was a little over $10 for the three ice cream creations.  What’s the Scoop is in kind of an odd, yet makes perfect sense next to a school, location pretty far off I-196.  We didn’t plan on going that far in to Hudsonville, but it worked out in the end.  Everyone got delicious ice cream and for being super busy, the line moved pretty quickly.  Our quick ice cream stop took longer than planned, but no one complained as we got back on the road to head home.


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