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Waffle House (Ross Avenue, Dallas)

January 15, 2017

  • 5111 Ross Avenue
  • Dallas, TX 75206
  • (214) 824-2539
  • Website
  • MenuT

I normally work a night shift, but while traveling, anything is possible.  A co-worker and I had to get up at 3 AM to complete a task that would take us about two hours.  When then had about three hours before we joined our other co-worker for the remainder of the day.  Once our early morning task was over, the question became, go take a nap or go to Waffle House?  I think you know what I chose.

As soon as I was done in the morning, I pulled out my phone, looked for a nearby Waffle House and got there as quickly as I could. I figured I could get breakfast and still get an hour and a half nap in before we had to start the rest of our day.

The closest Waffle House I could find to downtown Dallas was on Ross Avenue about three and a half miles from my hotel in the East Dallas district of the city.  The restaurant is on Ross Avenue just to the north of Garrett Avenue between a Burger King and Family Pharmacy.  In fact, if you’re coming from the south, you won’t even see Waffle House until you’re right up on it.  The pharmacy building blocks it from view until the very last minute.  There is a sign out front that you can see from the street otherwise I would have blown right past it.

This Waffle House is no different from the hundreds around the country.  The small building has a large lunch counter and a few booths lined up along the walls.  Waffle House is pretty much what you think of when you think of “classic diner.”  It’s small, everything is cooked on a flat top right behind the counter, and you get a delicious meal quickly.

There were several people already drinking their morning coffee over breakfast at the lunch counter so I found a booth in the corner that wasn’t being used.  There appeared to be three waitresses/waiters working that morning.  Both waitresses walked past me several times without so much as saying good morning.  I was really close to finding a new Waffle’s not like they’re the only one in town, when the waiter finally saw me sitting there as he was clearing plates from the counter.  He came over and apologized before taking my order.

The Waffle House puts their “House Favorites” menu on each table.  It says you can ask for the full menu.  I never have, but I just looked at their website and realized maybe I should.  They have some things on their menu (like omelettes and breakfast sandwiches) I never knew existed.

Steak and Eggs.  No reason to shake things up.  I ordered the Steak & Eggs which comes with hash browns and toast.  I was expecting him to ask me how I wanted my hash browns, but he never did before walking away so I just got them plain.  I would have done covered and chunked had I been given the option.

The waiter brought me back and Coke and wiped down the table while I was waiting for my breakfast.  It only took a little more than five minutes for the two plates of greasy, delicious breakfast goodness to be delivered.

The thing about Waffle House, the food isn’t really anything special, but it just tastes like breakfast is supposed to taste.  I started in on the steak first.  It’s served on it’s own plate, but I like it when the runny eggs leak on to the juicy, salty steak so I cut it up and three it on top of the eggs just to get a little bit of yolk.  The steak is a strip steak (I’ve never looked at the full menu and realized you could get a T-Bone instead) that comes out with crispy bits from the well seasoned flat top it’s cooked on.  I always ask for my steaks medium rare, but they always come out a little more towards medium to medium well.  That’s fine…it’s not a fancy steak house.  It’s a breakfast joint and I’m not paying huge prices for it.  It’s still delicious and still something I look forward to biting in to.

The rest of the meal is served together.  I get my eggs over medium so there’s a little bit of runniness in them.  The toast is white toasted lightly buttered and the hash browns are always perfectly browned….I just wished I had been asked for (or spoke up for) the add ins.  The hash browns are great on their own but even more great with a little cheese and ham mixed in.

The bill for my breakfast was just over $13.  You can eat cheaper if you don’t order steak, but I like steak for breakfast.

I’ve said this anytime I’ve blogged about Waffle House, if I’m far enough south that there’s a Waffle House near me, I’m going to stop at Waffle House.  If only they’d give some to us Yankees, I wouldn’t have to leave my co-workers and go on this mission when I’m traveling for work….aw, hell….I’d probably still do it.

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