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Table Six Kitchen + Bar

July 25, 2016

  • 6113 Whipple Avenue NW
  • North Canton, OH 44720
  • (330) 305-1666
  • Website
  • Menu

Last Sunday was a long day.  I had traveled to the Cleveland area with a co-worker and we were going to be there all week (not hard to figure out why).  We had to pick up some paperwork on Sunday when we got in to town, but of course, that got messed up so it took a lot longer than it should have.

We were going to be working in Cleveland for the week, but our hotel was actually pretty far south of the city in North Canton.   Unfortunately, there was no time for the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  Heck, there was barely time for dinner.

We got to our hotel just off of I-77 at the Everhard/Whipple Road exit.  It was a little after 7:00 by the time we got checked in and we had an early start in the morning.  Still, we hadn’t eaten all day and this was going to be the only night we’d be able to sit down for a good meal.

Obviously, neither of us were familiar with the area.  We were in somewhat of a shopping district and we passed stuff like Logan’s Roadhouse and Applebees back up an exit to the north.  C.W. had asked if anything like that sounded good.  Of course, I wanted to look a little harder and came up with something even better.

The restaurant I found is part of a local group of restaurants under the 91 Restaurant Group Banner. They have four restaurants in the area under three different names.  There are two 91 Wood Fired Oven locations, a restaurant called 3 Brothers Corner Tavern and then the one we picked to eat at Table Six Kitchen + Bar.

Table Six is in a little strip mall right on the outside of North Canton on Whipple Road south of Dressler Road.  I was a little hesitant bringing this particular co-worker to this place because I knew he wanted steak.  He’s the kind of guy that looks for a steakhouse and not an eclectic menu with a good craft beer list.

The restaurant is surprisingly big.  There’s a huge bar in the center of the space surrounded by the dining room.  They also have a pretty nice outdoor patio, but the setting sun was beating down on it, so we decided to pass and sit indoors.

We were taken to a pub table on the far side of the space close to the bar.  The space uses track lighting and solid green walls to set a mood against the dark hardwood floor and dark furniture.  There’s a good mix of tables from the high pub table we were seated at to booths and more traditional four tops.  The menus come on clipboards and while the restaurant is sort of designed for small plates and sharing, they have a pretty sizeable menu of sandwiches and, yes, even that steak dinner my co-worker wanted.

It had been a pretty long day and both of us started with beers.  He ordered a Budweiser which was brought to the table in a bottle and poured into a chilled mug.  I found a decent craft beer tap list with a couple I don’t have access to in Michigan.  I chose the Columbus IPA from Columbus Brewing Company which was on draft.

Columbus IPA

I was kind of hesitant at first to look at the appetizer menu because I was hungry.  I didn’t want to over do it knowing that I could easily eat everything on the menu and still be hungry, but C.W. ordered an appetizer so I figured what the hell.

He started off with the Maple Pecan Bacon….and yes, it was as good as it sounds.  This bacon is fried up crispy and covered in a thick, sweet maple and pecan glaze.  There were three pieces of bacon in the small basket that came out and C.W. offered up one to me.  It was a little chewy from the syrup, but awful delicious.  The bacon was cut pretty thick, but you never really got much of the bacon flavor.  Just a little bit of smokiness to go with the sweetness of the maple.

I ordered the Pretzel Board, and again, shared with C.W.  This one came out just about the time we were finishing up the bacon.  The board came with five home made pretzel sticks, a cheddar fondue and a house made honey mustard.  The pretzels were good enough to eat on their being really crunchy and salty on the outside, but hot, steamy, and moist in the middle.  I preferred the cheese fondue over the honey mustard but C.W. was just the opposite. Both were delicious and I wouldn’t complain if either were set in front of me again.

Pretzel Board

For dinner, C.W. got the steak he was looking for.  The only option on the menu is the Steak Dinner.  It’s a grilled 10 oz. New York Strip that is served with mashed potatoes and a vegetable.  The steak looked much bigger than 10 ounces to me and it looked to be cooked with just a slightly pink center.  C. W. was impressed.  He remarked on the way out how good the steak was and what a great find I had made in tracking this place down for dinner.

I could have ordered steak, but I am so much more of a burger guy.  I did the All American Cheeseburger with blue cheese and added on bacon.  Like everything else I had eaten up to this point, the burger did not disappoint.  The juicy, pink burger was served on a toasted bun alongside the typical lettuce, tomato, and onion.  The bleu cheese was piled high around two, crispy thick cut slices of bacon.  The bun had a hard time with the juiciness of this burger which is always a plus.

All American Cheeseburgrer w/Bleu Cheese and Bacon w/fresh cut fries

The sandwich came with choice of side and I took the fresh cut fries.  They were the greasy, crispy fries that I love.  Golden brown, salty on the outside and still steamy and soft in the middle.  No condiments required or wanted for these.

We paid for our meals separately.   C.W’s was around $40 while mine came in a little over $23.

Table Six Kitchen + Bar was a good find.  We had no idea what was around us and I knew I didn’t really want something that I could get back at home in Michigan.  We had a great meal and were able to unwind a little bit before kicking off a long week of work.

Table Six Kitchen + Bar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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