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Schultz Fruitridge Farms

July 24, 2016

  • 60139 County Road 652
  • Mattawan, MI 49071
  • (269) 668-3724
  • Website

J and I have always been the kind of people that like eating out.  Not out of laziness, but we enjoy the experience and we enjoy trying new restaurants.

When we had kids, we wanted to keep trying to eat out and finding new restaurants as much as possible.  We still do a decent job of that, but the kids have made it harder at times.  We want the kids to know how to act at a restaurant.  How to order.  How to treat servers.

That said, a chance for J and I to eat out with only the baby seems like a chance we couldn’t pass up.

L was in Wisconsin for a week with J’s parents.  When she got home, I was leaving for Cleveland for a week.  The weekend before I left, J and I took full advantage of eating at places we enjoy and being able to enjoy the meal a little bit more.

On Friday, we had a couple of drinks and the most incredible pulled pork tacos at Bell’s on the patio.  On Saturday, we did the patio thing again, but this time at Texas Corners Brewing.

The time at Texas Corners gave us an idea.  We wanted to go shopping for some blueberries.  Texas Corners is owned by people that own a blueberry farm and it wasn’t far away.

Schultz Fruitridge Farm in Mattawan is right on the corner of County Road 652 and Robinson Avenue which turns in to Q Avenue in Kalamazoo County.

The retail space of the farm looks to be on the Schultz homestead.  There’s a house on part of the property and what looks like a garage with a parking area around it that sells all of the great things they grow.  

We were just making a quick stop and B had fallen asleep in his car seat.  I stayed close to the car while J ran in to get the blueberries she was looking for.

The market at Schultz is pretty much just an open area with wooden shelves throughout the space.  They grow pretty much anything that will grow in Southwest Michigan (apples, blueberries, asparagus, cherries, grapes, pears, pumpkins, squash, sweet corn, etc.) plus have their own hives for honey and they make their own jams, butters, and maple syrup.

This time of year is really right in the middle of the blueberry harvest so J picked up a five pound box knowing that L was coming home the next day and she loves fresh blueberries.

She also grab a pound of fresh sweet cherries for herself.

I actually don’t know what she paid for, but I think she said around $15.  That’s $15 well spent in our house.  J, L, and her mom ate most of the blueberries while I was gone then L and I did some baking with what was left when I got back from Cleveland.

There are a lot of farms in Southwest Michigan and a lot of times it’s hard to pick which one to go to.  We picked Schutlz Fruitridge Farm on this day just because of our proximity to the place from Texas Corners.  We love Texas Corners Brewing Company and the brewery/cidery/restaurant’s success stems from their dedication to local grown/raised food.  A lot of that food is grown at their own farms….which is reason enough to check out both places.

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