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Pizza and Sub Shop

May 27, 2016

  • 733 W. Summit Avenue
  • Norton Shores, MI 49441
  • (231) 733-4468
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

For some reason, all of my co-workers think I always know a good restaurant no matter where we’re at in the western part of the state.  Case in point, I was in Muskegon Heights the other night with a co-worker and she said before we headed back to Grand Rapids, she had to have something to eat.  She wanted a sandwich, that wasn’t Subway or Jimmy John’s and just assumed I knew someplace good.

Not wanting to disappoint, I turned to the Google.  I don’t know the Muskegon area very well, so I needed some help.  I put in the word “sandwich” and got a hit for a sub shop not too far from where we were.

Pizza an Sub Shop is on Summit Avenue just to the west of Seaway Drive in Norton Shores.  It’s a small building with a large parking just inside the city limits of Norton Shores.  There’s no much information about the place online but it had good reviews, so I figured it would be good enough.

C.W. and I walked in just after 7:00.  The place was empty but there was a steady stream of carry out orders coming in to pick up sandwiches while we waited.

There were laminated menus laying on the counter next to the cash register and the day’s specials were written on a giant chalkboard that took up most of the wall separating the dining room from the kitchen.  We each grabbed a menu and it was at this point C.W. realized she had eaten at this little shop before.  She thought it was with me, but it wasn’t.  She liked it last time she ate there so I knew I had picked something good. 

C.W. ordered first and she went with a Philly Steak.  That sub only comes in the 10″.  The sandwich has most of the typical Philly Steak ingredients…steak, seasoned green peppers, red peppers and onions, but it’s topped with Swiss cheese instead of Whiz.  The sandwich set her back a little over $8 and got pretty good reviews as she ate it on the car ride home.

I had a couple of sandwiches I was eyeing, but I ordered the BBQ Rib w/Bacon.  This is another sub that only comes in the 10″ portion.  The meat portion of this sandwich is a “slab” of boneless BBQ ribs and bacon.  The sandwich is served on a toasted garlic sub with BBQ sauce.  I was a little surprised at home much of a kick this sandwich had.  There was a great smoky taste from the bacon, but the rib meat was a little on the spicy side.  I really wasn’t expecting a whole lot from this place, but I actually got a very filling sandwich that was very tasty.

The sandwiches don’t come with any sides, but I added on an order of French Fries.  I got be honest, I was really thinking about ordering the Philly Waffle Fries, but I didn’t think I needed that nor did I want a side that expensive…but hell, listen to this.  Waffle fries topped with Philly meat, veggies, and liquid cheese.  Does that not sound amazing?  The fries I ended up getting were very crispy battered French fries.  A good compliment to the delicious sandwich.

Pizza and Sub Shop is pretty simple, but it’s also pretty darn delicious.  They have a pretty large list of unique sub options plus wings and a plethora of fried food favorites..oh, and of course, pizza.  I’m not sure I ever would have stopped in to this place had C.W. not brought up finding a nearby sandwich shop.  It’s easy to drive by and there’s a couple of the more popular sub shops right around the corner.  The name of the place is so ludicrously simple that you think it’s not for real.  I was skeptical when I did the Google search and that name came up.  Looks are deceiving and Pizza and Sub Shop is a place you shouldn’t drive past to get to someplace else.

BBQ Rib w/Bacon Sub

French Fries

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