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Vinto – Park City

June 30, 2015

  • 900 Main Street
  • Park City, UT 84060
  • (435) 615-9990
  • Website
  • Menu

The day of the actual wedding was pretty relaxed for me.  The ceremony wasn’t until 6:00 and there was a charter bus that was taking us from the resort we were staying at to the ranch where the wedding was happening.  After my solo lunch at the No Name Saloon, I had pretty much the rest of the afternoon to myself.  J was heading back in to Salt Lake City with the bride to get her hair done, so I cranked the air as cold as it would go, closed the curtains, turned on the TV, and took a nice, long nap.

I was woken up around 3:00 by a series of texts from J.  She was hungry.  She hadn’t eaten since breakfast and she wanted something to eat before heading to the mother of the bride’s suite to get ready for the wedding.  There was a pizzeria that was part of the resort and she asked if I’d order her something from there to have waiting when she got back.

Vinto is part of the Marriott Summit Watch resort on Main Street at the bottom of the hill in downtown Park City.   This is the second of two locations for the wood fired pizzeria.  They also have a location in Salt Lake City.  This Park City restaurant opened in 2012.

They call the restaurant “casual” but it’s not like a Carrabba’s or an *gasp* Olive Garden.  I would use the term casual loosely with this place.  It plays much more of an upscale restaurant to the point that I actually felt like I was making the server’s life difficult by ordering “take away” pizzas even though they have stocks of cardboard pizza boxes sitting next to the oven.

The restaurant has kind of a modern chic.  It’s not rustic Italian villa that a lot of fancier Italian places try to pull off.  There’s also a large outdoor dining area covered by umbrellas to keep you out of the sweltering Utah sun.  Other than a little wooden sign hanging off the side of the building, it’s hard to see what is hiding behind the exterior walls.

I actually called my order in from my room and since I was ordering one for J, I decided to order one for myself as well.  The pizzas are all personal size.  I had to give them a diameter, because they come in more of an oblong shape than the traditional round.  It’s probably similar to a 12″ or so from a competing pizzeria.  

J said she wanted a cheese pizza, but I had a hard time finding one at first.  Eventually, I noticed that the Margherita Pizza is actually just a cheese pizza.  They use tomato sauce on the pizza instead of whole tomatoes like many Margherita’s do. In addition to the sauce, this pizza comes with fior di latte Mozzeralla and fresh basil.

I also stuck to a pretty simple pizza and ordered the Pepperoni pizza.  This one comes with tomato sauce, fior di latte Mozzarella, fontina cheese and oregano.

I was told it would take about twenty minutes for the two pizzas to cook and I literally had a less than five minute walk to the pizzeria so I took my time.  I walked in a few minutes before the twenty minutes was up and my pizzas were just about to come out of the oven.  I paid the tab of $23 and took a seat until my pizzas were boxed up and ready to go.

When I walked back in to the hotel room, J had just gotten back herself.  Our room had real plates and a small kitchen sink, so we each grabbed a plate and dove in to our pizzas.

Both pizzas had a very thin crust with the coal fired taste permeating through it.  The ends of the crust were a little crunchy while the middle was soft and chewy yet it retained that smokey flavor.

It would have been incredibly easy for both of us to scarf the pizzas down in a matter of minutes, but we tried to show some restraint so we’d have leftovers for after the wedding.  The pizza was so good though that it was hard to close the lids to those boxes and shove them in to the small refrigerator.

Vinto was one of the first places that we noticed as we drove in to downtown Park City and once we realized it was part of our resort, we made plans to pick up a pizza before leaving.  It took three days, but we were both glad we did.  I really liked our pizzas from Vinto and while, at first, I felt like maybe this isn’t a place I should be trying to get carry-out from, I’m happy we did.  It’s a great restaurant for a resort like the Marriott Summit Watch.  If you want to sit down and enjoy a great meal, you can do that, but if you’re like I us and just want something delicious in the room, this is a great option for that as well.

Margherita Pizza

Pepperoni Pizza

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