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Jose’s Restaurante -Wyoming

June 8, 2015

  • 3910 Division Avenue S
  • Wyoming, MI 49548
  • (616) 530-7934
  • Website
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Taco night has quickly become a favorite at my place of employment….and by night, I mean pretty much every night.  Several months ago, I started introducing co-workers to my favorite taqueria on Division Avenue.  There are many trips taken there throughout the week to pick up tacos for the whole office, but we also like trying out new places.  Whenever someone in my office mentions Taqueria San Jose to an outsider, they’ll say something to the effect of “That’s good, but have you tried xxxx?”  Eventually, we try all the suggestions so we eat at a lot of different taco places.

The most recent suggestion was Jose’s Restaurante on Division Avenue South in Wyoming.  The well maintained building is on the corner of Division and Walter Street.  There’s a nice big parking lot and two entrances.  One for the dining room.  One for take out.   This is one of two restaurants for Jose’s as they also have one 18th Street in Dorr.

I was with two other co-workers when we popped in for dinner.  We were just doing take-out for the whole office which always turns in to a mess.  Luckily, one of the co-workers with me bit the bullet and ended up placing half the order while he was on the phone with people still stuck at their desks.  Jose’s isn’t a taqueria like we usually go to.  They’re more of a sit-down Mexican restaurant and they really don’t have an a la carte to just get tacos, so that made things a little harder with the ordering.  

The only option they had for steak tacos was to order two or four of them and it came with refried beans.  The tacos come with lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes and you  have the option of soft, medium, or hard corn tortillas.  We were all kind of thrown by the “medium” tortilla and it was artfully explained to us as “not quite soft, not quite hard.”  Yup.  I’ve never had that option when ordering tacos before.

Two wouldn’t have been enough, so I bit the bullet and ordered the four.  They were expensive.  Four steak tacos cost $12.  I did my order by myself because I just don’t do the whole “get me food, I’ll pay you back later.”  This just reinforced that as no one had any cash when we got back to the office and C.W. had to take rain checks from everyone.

Since my order was just mine, it was up first, but I wasn’t going to be a jerk and leave C.W. there with no way to get home.  His larger order took a little longer, but we had both orders in about fifteen minutes.

One of the ladies back at the office had been told this was the best Mexican restaurant in town and much better than our usual haunt.  It was good and I very much enjoyed my tacos, but I really prefer tacos with just cilantro on them.  These tacos, while delicious, were too “Americanized” with the lettuce, cheese, and tomatoes and that’s pretty much how everyone who ordered felt.  If that’s what you’re looking for, Jose’s is great.  My tacos had a lot of cheese on top of a lot of steak and a lot of lettuce.  They were overflowing from the small corn tortilla.

Don’t get me wrong, we all very much enjoyed dinner, but personally, I think $12 for four tacos, even steak tacos, is a little much and that is really the only thing that will really stop me from visiting Jose’s Restaurante in the future.

Four Steak Tacos w/Beans

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