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Pizza King of Galesburg

May 6, 2015

  • 92 E. Michigan Avenue
  • Galesburg, MI 49053
  • (269) 665-4244
  • Website
  • Menu

I don’t end up in Galesburg too often, but a co-worker and I spent a significant amount of time there not too long ago.  It was kind of a relaxed day of work with not much going on, but we were stuck in town waiting something out.

When dinner time rolled around, neither of us really knew what to do.  Most of my Galesburg dining experiences are at the McDonalds out by the Interstate.  Yeah…didn’t want McDonalds, but we were pretty close to a pizza joint.  Pizza sounded good.

Pizza King of Galesburg is on Michigan Avenue just to the east of the main downtown intersection.  It shares a building with an Auto Value store and shares it’s space with a small ice cream shop called Frostee Queen.

I could have just walked in and placed my order, but I found a menu online, so I took the lazy route and called the order in from the parking lot.  C.W. wasn’t super hungry, so I went with what I wanted and offered him a couple slices.  He’d just have to eat whatever I got.

I ordered a large Extra Thin crust with pepperoni and ground beef.  They actually have four crust options, but thin crust is always my preferred choice.  There was nothing too out of the ordinary on the toppings list and I went for ground beef instead of my usual bacon.

The pizza took about twenty minutes to cook and it was waiting for me when I finally got out of the car and wandered in to get it.  The price was right around $18 for the two topping pizza.

When I got back to the car, all of a sudden C.W. decided he was hungry.  The pizza smelled really good and it perked him up a little.  I offered up a couple slices knowing full well I shouldn’t eat the whole thing myself.

When they use the term “Extra Thin” they weren’t lying.  The pizza was cut in to triangles and would have passed for a pretty good New York style slices.  The edges were just a little crispy and “snapped” when I pushed on it with my thumb.  The middle was a little bit soggy from the delicious grease that piled up from the pepperoni and ground beef.  It was easiest and more delicious to eat the slice folded over.

I was incredibly happy with our pizza from Pizza King of Galesburg.  It’s definitely one of those great small town pizzerias.  Every small town has one and it’s the kind of pizza you crave long after you leave.

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