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The Slippery Noodle Inn

April 7, 2015

  • 372 S. Meridian Street
  • Indianapolis, IN 46225
  • (317) 631-6974
  • Website
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Our second night in Indianapolis was the tough one when it came to finding dinner.  We only had a little over an hour and a half between assignments, so we couldn’t wait for a table.  That was a tough thing to do on a Friday night….in downtown Indianapolis…during Final Four Weekend.

We walked around to several restaurants in the downtown area and all of them told us they had at least an hour to an hour and a half wait.  We were all getting grumpy and annoyed because we needed to find something to eat, but didn’t have the luxury of time to wait for a table.

C.W. #2 had joined us by this point and he’s somewhat familiar with the downtown area.  He kept talking about a blues bar that he likes to go to when he’s in town that wasn’t too far from where we were.  We checked to see if they had a food menu that we could all agree on and when they did, we started heading that way.

The Slippery Noodle Inn claims to be the oldest commercial building still standing in Indianapolis.  They’ve been under the same ownership as The Slipper Noodle now since the 1960’s.  The building actually dates back to the Civil War though when it was used as a roadhouse and bar for railroad passengers.  After that, it served as a bordello and a place for famous gangsters to make whiskey during prohibition.

We walked up to the bar on the corner of Meridian and West South Street.  There was a guy out front whom we assumed was checking ID’s, but he was actually taking a cover.  We asked if there were tables available.  He said he thought there were, but if there weren’t, come back and he’d give us back the cover.  As long as there were tables, I was fine with paying the $5. It was a small price to pay to make sure we could get dinner.

The seating in the restaurant is find your own.  There are several rooms in the old Inn and we were able to a table just leaving in the room behind the bar as we walked in.  We waited for them to clear then took over their table so we didn’t have to keep looking.

The food menu is pretty large and includes a number of bar favorites including wings and a myriad of sandwiches and burgers.  I ordered a burger that goes by the name The Vegas Burger.  This sandwich is a 1/2 lb black angus burger topped with rib roast, smoked Applewood bacon, mushrooms, onions, and cheddar-jack cheese.  The sandwich was actually dominated by the rib roast.  The burger kind of played second fiddle here and that was ok.  Both the roast and the burger were super tender and just a little bit pink.  I actually took the mushrooms and onions off the sandwich after getting it.  There wasn’t much of either, so that was a pretty simple task.  The sandwich comes with chips, but I upgraded to the fries.  They were crispy skin on fries that were quite delicious.

Both Co-Workers ordered some form of burger.  Since it was Good Friday, C.W. #1 ordered The Garden Burger while C.W. #2 ordered the Blues Burger.

We paid our bills separately and my came out to right around $20.  The Slipper Noodle Inn is one of the more well known blues bars in the country.  I’m not a blues fan, so I wouldn’t know and the music hadn’t even started playing when we were there, but what I do know is that The Slipper Noodle Inn is, simply, just a great bar.  The food is good, the beer is flowing, and the atmosphere is unbeatable.

The Vegas Burger w/French Fries


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