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Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Express – Oneida Casino

January 3, 2015

  • Dick Clark's American Bandstand Express2020 Airport Drive
  • Ashwaubenon, WI 54313
  • (920) 494-4500
  • Website
  • Menu

Every now and then, I get to do something really cool for work.  Last weekend, I was sent to Green Bay for a job along with a co-worker.  We had to drive a work truck all the way around the lake, but it was totally worth it.  We got in to town late Saturday night and were surprised to learn the hotel the company go for us was actually at the Oneida Casino in Ashwaubenon.  Neither one of us are huge gamblers, but we knew there were going to be options for late night meals at a casino, so we didn’t have to venture out and try to find something open at midnight.

Sure enough, we headed down to the casino floor and found a food court near the back of the gaming floor.  There were three options for for dining….all offering something different.  There was a Chicken Fry Fry, Boar’s Head Deli, and a Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Express.  I was sort of in the mood for a burger, so that’s where I headed.

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Express was my choice.  The menu had a number of burgers, wraps, and sandwiches in the 50’s style diner counter.  I ordered the Bleu Cheese Burger which comes with fries then added on a small Coke to wash it down.  The cost was just under $10 and the meal is made fresh, so I had to wait a few minutes while my burger was cooked up on the flat top in the back of the kitchen.  

A little over five minutes, my name was called and I grabbed the tray with my burger and fries.  There’s a little dining area near the three restaurants in the food court and I took a seat while my co-worker was waiting on his meal from the same place.

The burger was actually pretty large..much larger than a fast food type burger and topped with crispy bacon, BBQ sauce and bleu cheese chunks.  Typically the burger also comes with grilled onions, but I’m not an onion fan so I passed.  It also came served with the typical burger accouterments of tomato and lettuce.  It’s served on a grilled bun with beer battered fries on the side.

The burger was a little over cooked for my liking, but it was still tasty for a late night option.  The burger patty itself was a pretty good size and the toppings were plentiful.  The side of fries was just enough to fill my belly after a seven hour drive and about three hours of work.

Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Express is better than typical food court food.  I loved having the option right in my hotel.  I don’t know if it’s the kind of place I would seek out, but it’s a great option when you want to take a break from gambling.  The whole food court at Oneida Casino is better than the restaurants you usually think of when you think food court.  You can easily get a good meal, at a decent price, and get back to spending money in no time.

Dick Clark's American Bandstand Express

American Bandstand Express

Bleu Cheese Burger

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