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Ben’s Soft Pretzels – Oshtemo

November 15, 2014

  • Ben's Soft Pretzel501 N. 9th Street
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49009
  • (269) 312-8930
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I don’t go to Walmart often.  I don’t have any of the usual objections to Walmart, I just like Meijer better.  I do, however, go to Walmart when I want to get in and out quickly.  It seems like I’m not the only one that prefers Meijer over Walmart.

This past Friday, I needed to pick up two things quickly, so I headed to the 9th Street Walmart in Oshtemo Township.  As I was wrapping up, I noticed a neon sign hanging above what appeared to be a little closet near the entrance closest to the pharmacy.  I came in near the grocery section, but I decided to walk down to the other entrance to see what that little sign was advertising.

Turns out, that little closet is a pretzel shop called Ben’s Soft Pretzels.

Ben’s Soft Pretzels got started just south of the (Michigan) border in Elkhart, IN.  They have a number of stores in Indiana, a couple in Florida, and one each in Illinois and Wisconsin in addition to the three Michigan stores (Oshtemo Walmart, Comstock Meijer, and Sturgis Walmart).  

The business is simple.  It serves pretzels.  There are few variations on the pretzels including one stuffed with a hotdog and Pretzel Pockets, but in the end, it’s still just pretzels.

I kept things simple ordering The Legendary Jumbo with cheddar cheese dipping sauce.  The dipping sauces are extra, but they run combo specials that include the dip and a drink alongside the pretzel.  I had just picked up a couple of Pepsi from Walmart, so I passed on the drink.

My bill was less than $5.  I grabbed the soft, warm pretzel and headed to the car to go home.  There isn’t really any place to sit an eat in the store and I wouldn’t have sat down had there been.

When I got home, I popped the top off the cheddar cheese sauce and tore in to the pretzel.  The pretzel was still pretty warm and it was a really delicious, salty pretzel.  It wasn’t anything super special, but it was just a a really good pretzel.  The cheddar cheese sauce came out of a big tin can, so I knew there was going to be nothing unique about it, but cheese and pretzels just taste so dang good together.

Ben’s Soft Pretzels just kind of came out of nowhere.  I wasn’t expecting to get a pretzel when I stopped in to do some quick shopping, so it was a nice surprise to pick up a cheap, delicious treat on my way out of the store.

Ben's Soft Pretzel

Ben's Soft Pretzel

The Legendary Jumbo w/Cheddar Cheese Dipping Sauce

Ben's Soft Pretzels on Urbanspoon

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  1. November 15, 2014 11:04 pm

    Looks very good, maybe we have passed one another by I live near Kalamazoo and my husband works in kalamazoo and we are always in Meijers or Wallmart there. guess we are neighbors. It’s great to meet another blogger so close by.

  2. Angela permalink
    November 16, 2014 3:08 am

    I love Ben’s Soft Pretzels. I wish I had one near me. I always get one when I visit family in South Bend, IN.

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