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Station 702

September 30, 2014

  • Station 702702 Douglas Avenue
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49007
  • (269) 350-3599
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We didn’t plan on going to breakfast this morning.  J let me sleep in a little bit and we had leftover BBQ from the night before so that was the plan for lunch.  While I was playing with L, I got the idea just to go grab something real quick.

My plan was to check out Station 702.  This new, fast-casual breakfast/lunch place just opened in what I feel is a pretty unlikely place.  With the help of a Community Development Block Grant, they turned an old, run down building in the Northside Neighborhood into a bright, welcoming space at the intersection of North and Douglas.  If you saw this place beforehand, you would have a hard time believing it’s the same building.  In a previous life, it was the popular Dips Soul Food restaurant…now, it’s a hip, fast casual breakfast spot that focuses on omelets.

We walked in just before noon on a Sunday.  We actually questioned if it was open as we were pulling in the parking lot.  There were no other cars, but the “open” sign was lit, so we headed inside.

Station 702 uses the term fast casual because they don’t do table service.  There is an order counter that gives you a glimpse in to the small kitchen behind it.  They serve breakfast all day and start lunch service at 11:00.  We had the opportunity to order of either menu, but chose the breakfast because…well, it’s Sunday.

I surprised J…and even myself a little bit, and ordered The Station Hash.  The plate is a sauteed medley of potatoes, topped with scrambled eggs, cheese, and choice of meat (I chose bacon).  There were too many kinds of potatoes for me to pick out which ones they were, but I stuck to the smaller, more cooked pieces.  There were big pieces of sweet potatoes on my plate and I really don’t like sweet potatoes, but it was easy to pick around.  J actually took a few of those for herself.  The dish came with choice of side and I took the pancake.  It was a small, golden brown pancake that was delicious with or without the provided butter and syrup.

J was actually the real winner of this meal. She ordered the Breakfast Flatbread.  Holy cow was this good.  Between two pieces of Na’an bread they piled ham (J replaced with bacon) scrambled eggs, and cheese then toasted it.  I was jealous.  This sandwich is one of the best breakfast sandwiches I’ve had in a long time.  This is the kind of sandwich you can pop in for on your way to work.  It’s a quick meal, but most importantly, delicious.  Her plate came with some kind of fried potatoes.

L got to order off the kid’s menu and since I didn’t tell J I wanted to go to breakfast until late, we accidentally ordered her another pancake.  She had already several mini-pancakes at home, but I cut this one up and she ate about half of it as well as about half of the apple slices that came on the side.

The bill for our meal was only a little over $16.  Station 702 really has something here.  J had such a hard time choosing something to eat because everything sounded so good.  I have to agree.  They decided to build in this location because they are right on the corner of three neighborhoods (Northside, Douglas, and Stuart) and they want their place to be a community meeting place for the residents in those three neighborhoods.  I was a little bummed when we walked in and there was no one else there.  I hope that was a fluke, because the food is fantastic and the rehab of an old building is such a great thing for the community.

Station 702

Station 702

Station 702

Station Hash w/Pancake

Station 702

Breakfast Flatbread

Station 702

Kid’s Pancake w/Apple Slices

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