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Short’s Brewing Company

September 17, 2014

  • Short's Brewing Company121 N. Bridge Street
  • Bellaire, MI 49615
  • (231) 498-2300
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It’s time for a vacation.  J and I both work in pretty high stress jobs and our schedules are all sorts of messed up.  We’re not 9-5ers or even Monday-Fridayers.  We needed a getaway…badly.

We started looking in to spending a few days in Traverse City and found a pretty good deal on a couple of nights at Great Wolf Lodge.  We knew L would love the water park and it put us in a position to seek out some of the great breweries Up North we’ve never been to.

We left Kalamazoo early on a Wednesday morning and headed straight for Bellaire, MI.  There’s not a whole lot in the town.  It’s a nice, quaint little dot on the map, but it’s not the kind of place you seek out on a three and a half hour car ride…unless, that is, you’re looking for delicious beer.

Short’s Brewing Company is in downtown Bellaire on North Bridge Street not too far south of the Cedar River that runs through downtown.  The pub takes up two storefronts in what used to be an old hardware store.  It looks like you can enter from either.  The first one we walked in to is the bar area.  There’s a nice large bar with 20 taps.  Short’s always has a huge beer list and I can never clear enough space on my shelf to try everything they bottle, so it was nice to get to sample some fresh from the source.  

We walked through the bar to a lower level that works my like a dining room.  There is a mixture of pub tables and regular ones, but the regular ones were all for larger groups.  We still don’t like putting L at a pub table, so we took a large table since they weren’t all that busy.  This room also houses the stage for live music.  It’s not a large stage, but it’s a dominating feature of the room.

Once we were settled, I got up to go look at the beer menu.  The waiter stopped me and handed me a beer list that matches the chalkboard so I didn’t have to commit everything to memory.  I wanted to try several beers, so I did a flight.  I chose Oblivian (Belgian Quad), Noble Chaos (Oktoberfest), The Magician (Irish Red Ale), Stroker Ace (Ameican IPA), and White Falcon (Belgian IPA).  I really liked Oblivian and Noble Chaos and those were the two I started with.  I saved the IPA’s for when I got my food since that’s what I’m used to drinking.

J didn’t really know what to get, so she ordered the Wowee Zowee (fruit beer).  This choice actually worked out well for her.  She doesn’t drink a lot of beer, but fruit beers are typically something she likes.

Lunch at Short’s is a pretty small deli menu.  They have a number of salads, sandwiches, and pizzas to choose from…but no burger 😦  Don’t worry, I found something just as delicious.  I ordered a 9″ pizza with pepperoni and bacon.  Oh, this pizza was good.  The crust is really thin and really crispy.  It’s just got this golden brown color to it that you know is going to be tasty.  The topping was pretty well done, so the cheese was nice and golden with a slight crunch and the meats both had the crispy edges.   I wanted to eat the whole thing, but L decided my pizza looked good and gave me the puppy dog eyes until I would share with her.  I, of course, did and she liked it just as much as I did.

J ordered the Live at Stubb’s BBQ.  This sandwich was unlike any pulled pork J has had in the past.  In addition to the pork on the brioche roll there was a celery seed coleslaw and a walnut bleu cheese spread.  She said the bleu cheese made this sandwich.  It was a little sweet and a little tangy.  She really never mentioned what the meat was like, she just kept saying the bleu cheese spread paired with the sweet BBQ sauce was delicious.

Before she decided my pizza was going to be her lunch, we ordered L the Polka Dot Tail.  The sandwich, which is on the kids menu, is a grilled cheese sandwich served on sourdough.  The two cheeses are American and provolone and it’s served with chips and a pickle.  L had picked up one half of the sandwich and actually ate everything but the crust, but she got distracted by my pizza.  I traded her a couple slices for the other half of her sandwich so I didn’t leave hungry.

Our bill for lunch with the flight of beers plus J’s beer, was a little over $41.  The thing that I haven’t mentioned about Short’s yet is the service.  Right after we sat down, L knocked over a full cup of water.  Before we could do anything about it, our server was there with a couple bar rags cleaning up.  A few minutes later, L had accidentally tossed one of her toys on the floor.  We couldn’t find it right away and an employee who just happened to be passing through the dining room stopped to help us.  Oh, and our meal came out of the kitchen in less than ten minutes.

Both of us loved Short’s.  I’ve always been a fan of the beer and wanted desperately to get to the pub one day.  I’m really happy we decided to make our trip to Traverse City a little bit longer by going out of the way.

Short's Brewing Company

Short's Brewing Company

Flight of Beers

Short's Brewing Company

9″ Pepperoni and Bacon Pizza

Short's Brewing Company

Live at Stubb’s BBQ w/Chips

Short's Brewing Company

Polka Dot Tail w/Chips

Short's Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

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