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Hitts The Spot Cafe & Ice Cream

July 30, 2014

  • Hitts The Spot1053 E. Wilcox Avenue
  • White Cloud, MI 49349
  • (231) 689-5080
  • No Known Website
  • Menu

You know how I’ve said many times I never know where I’ll end up for work?  Yeah.  It’s been one of those weeks.

On Monday, a co-worker and I were quite a ways north of Grand Rapids.  We were heading home on M-37 in northern Newaygo County when she asked if we could stop for dinner.  I’m not really familiar with that area, so I said we could look for something.

Whenever I drive through an unfamiliar town, I head towards the main business district.  I did the same once we got to White Cloud, but didn’t really see a lot.  I was starting to give up and just keep heading south when the co-worker noticed a sign in front of an ice cream joint.  They were advertising chili dogs.  She didn’t want chili dogs, but figured if they had that, they might have burgers.

The old, white building is called Hitts The Spot Cafe & Ice Cream.  It sits on Wilcox Avenue which appears to be White Cl0ud’s downtown area right across the street from the Newaygo County Complex.

They have the traditional walk up ice cream window, but there is also a little cafe with a dining room and table service attached to it.  They had a menu hanging out front and they did have burgers among other things, so we went inside and put in an order to go.

I sort of skimmed the menu, but all I really wanted was a burger.  I ordered the 1/2 lb hamburger with cheese and bacon (both extra).  I then upgraded to a basket to get fries and slaw but asked them to just keep the slaw.  

Co-worker did pretty much the same thing ordering the 1/4 lb burger with cheese but instead went with a side salad instead of the fries.

Both meals were in the $7-$9 range which we both paid for with cash, but I believe they do also take credit.  I didn’t actually see a machine, but they did have the logos in the window.

It took about ten minutes for our meals to come up.  We were still kind of in a hurry, so we grabbed them to go.  I popped mine open and started in on the fries right away.  They were the typical restaurant fries.  Nothing special, butt there was a big pile of them and they were easy to eat on the drive.  The burger was up next after I finished off all the potatoes.  The sandwich is served on a white bread bun and it appeared to be a fresh hamburger patty.  It had that great flavor of a hamburger that had been pressed on a well seasoned griddle…just a little char on the outside.  It was a pretty thin patty, that was topped with American cheese and a couple slices of crispy bacon.

C.W.’s meal was pretty much the same.  She said her burger was good and she snacked on the salad all night without really saying much.  She’s not one that I usually have deep discussions about food with, so I don’t really know how she felt about the meal.

Hitts The Spot worked well for us on the go.  I had no idea what we would find in White Cloud and if it wasn’t for my co-worker seeing the specials board out by the road, we probably wouldn’t have stopped.  It doesn’t look like much, but they served up some pretty quality diner food that was easy enough for us to grab and go.

Hitts The Spot

Hitts The Spot

1/2 lb Hamburger w/Cheese and Bacon basket w/fries

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