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Taqueria San Francisco

July 17, 2014

  • Taqueria San Francisco691 Capital Avenue SW
  • Battle Creek, MI 49015
  • (269) 660-0616
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You know that old saying “When it rains, it pours”?  Yeah….that’s been my week.

Our roof has been leaking for a while and we are just finally getting someone to fix it.  I’ve tried a lot of different things to stop the leak, but I’m really not that handy, so it took my fifth or six try, a week before the roofers were finally coming before I got it right.

On Saturday, I wanted to get my lawn mowed, so once I got up, I headed outside to tackle the lawn before I went to work.  I opened the shed door to get the lawnmower and out ran a chipmunk.  I didn’t think much of it until I pulled the cord to start the mower and it was running really rough.  I thought maybe if I just let it run, it would work itself out, but a few steps in, it died on me and I couldn’t get it started again.  As I just explained, I’m not handy, so we loaded the mower in to the back of my truck for a trip to Battle Creek.

I always seem to have pretty good luck when I deal with the Battle Creek Sears store and since my mower is a Craftsman, I wanted to bring it back there to get it fixed.  J and L decided to take the road trip with me with the intention of stopping somewhere for lunch.

As we were were leaving Sears, I asked L what she wanted to eat.  She emphatically yelled out “Quesadilla.”  J’s first thought was Nina’s Taqueria, but, of course, I had another place I wanted to try.

Taqueria San Francisco is near the corner of Capital and Columbia on Columbia a block or so north of the intersection.  It’s a small building along a busy street that shares a parking lot with an office building next door.  

Whenever I see the word “taqueria” in a restaurant name, I tend to think of it as a quick service type of place, but Taqueria San Francisco is a full service restaurant.

When we walked in the door, a waiter picked up a couple of menus and followed us to a booth in the back of the dining room.  He dropped off the menus then went to get some chips while we looked over the menu.

The chips and salsa were pretty awesome.  The chips were home made and had that light, fluffy, airy crunch to them.  The salsa was slightly chunky and just slightly spicy. Heck, even the two year old liked them, but we’ve come to find out, L seems to like spicy things.

While we were starting on the chips and salsa, our waiter brought back our drinks.  I had Coke and J had a Horchatta.

While Taqueria San Francisco isn’t the kind of taqueria I was hoping it would be, I treated it as such and just ordered tacos.  I went for the Mexican Taco option with steak and no onions which means it just comes with cilantro.  I did kind of screw up and say no when asked if we wanted hot sauce because, duh…tacos need hot sauce.  Still, the tacos were delicious.  The steak was tender and flavorful and they were on such flaky, tender corn tortillas.  They still don’t compare to my favorite taco place, but they are pretty tasty tacos.

J did what she usually does at Mexican restaurants and ordered a combo platter.  She got the one with the Cheese Chalupa and Cheese Enchilada.  It’s served on a large plate with rice, lettuce, sour cream, and pico.  She stuck mainly to the chalupa and the enchilada and ignored the rest of the plate…for the most part.  She ate a little bit of the rice, but the chalupa and enchilada was more than enough for her.

We ordered L the quesadilla she wanted.  The quesadilla was filled with a white cheese and we chose french fries for her side.  L took only a couple bites of the quesadilla.  She was too busy wanted to crawl on the bench of the booth which is too bad because the quesadilla was pretty good.  It was pretty thick which I think turned her off a bit.  She ate a few of the fries, but again, pre-occupied, so J and I ate most of those as well.

The bill was around $22.  It took the waiter quite a while to bring us the bill and we were really needing to go.  It was getting to about the time that we needed to get back to Kalamazoo, so I could get to work in Grand Rapids.  Not really sure what the hold up was there, but it was a little frustrating.  J finally had to ask for the bill when he came to take our plates.

Taqueria San Francisco was a recommendation we got from one of J’s co-workers a couple years ago, but this past weekend was the first time we’ve had the time and been in the mood for Mexican while in Battle Creek.  The food was pretty good and it seems to be a pretty popular place.  There was a steady stream of customers going in and out while we were there.  It’s a place I would seek out anytime I was in town and in the mood for tacos.

Taqueria San Francisco

Taqueria San Francisco

Four Mexican Style Asada Tacos

Taqueria San Francisco

Cheese Chalupa and Cheese Enchilada Vegetarian Combo

Taqueria San Francisco

Kids’ Quesadilla w/French Fries

Taqueria San Francisco on Urbanspoon

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  1. Lacie Jane permalink
    July 18, 2014 11:06 pm

    so what was wrong with your lawn mower?

    • SW Michigan Dining permalink*
      August 30, 2014 9:19 pm

      It was a carburetor issue

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