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Giuseppe’s Pizza

July 6, 2014

  • Giuseppe's Pizza106 W. Superior Street
  • Wayland, MI 49348
  • (269) 792-0101
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It is rare that I get to work a shift during the day.  Really rare.  In fact, I haven’t done it since L was born 2 1/2 years ago.

This past Friday, Independence Day, I was scheduled for a day shift.  J could have worked, but she decided to take the day off, so I didn’t argue with being scheduled during the day.  I was scheduled to do a job I don’t normally do and I assumed it was going to be a pretty easy day.

Near the end of the shift, J sent me a message and asked if there was anything I could pick up on my way home for dinner.  I had a couple ideas, but there was a pizza place in Wayland I drive by often yet have never stopped at.

Giuseppe’s Pizza is on Superior Street in downtown Wayland right near the corner of Superior and Main Street.  It’s a small building that is about 90% kitchen.  There are two small tables along the long hallway that leads back to the cashier area.

I called in my order before leaving Grand Rapids and when I walked in the store in Wayland about 25 minutes later, the two pizzas were coming out of the oven.  I had ordered a 16″ thin crust cheese pizza for J and L plus a 14″ Inferno Pizza for myself.  The cost was just under $30 with a large chunk of that coming from the specialty pizza.  

J and L were waiting for me when I got home and L crawled up onto a kitchen chair and proclaimed, “I’m ready for pizza.”

We got her set up with a slice of the cheese while J and I got everything else ready for dinner.

I got both pizzas in thin crust because that’s what J and I really like.  The pizza is a pretty floppy thin crust, but it’s not really doughy.  I’d almost describe it as New York Style.  It was really easy to fold over into a sandwich and eat.  Both pizzas also came with a garlic butter dipping sauce.  J snatched that up right away and used it on her cheese slices.  She said she liked the pizza and she typically has a pretty high standard for pizzas.

As for my pizza.  This crazy creation is a spicy red sauce, onions, Capicola, jalapenos, Mozzarella, a spicy hot sausage, and crushed red pepper flakes.  As should be obvious, this pizza was spicy.  There were enough jalapenos on this pizza to paralyze taste buds for weeks.  I just started eating and not really paying attention to it, but the further I got in to the pizza, I had to start taking some of them off.  It just got too hot.  The spicy sausage was pretty delicious as well.  They were large balls of meat on the pizza and even they had a pretty good kick to them.

Giuseppe’s Pizza was a winner for us.  We both liked the thin crust pizzas we ordered and J loved that they came with the garlic butter dipping sauce.  On the rare occasion I do work a day shift, I like to stop and bring home pizza.  Guiseppe’s isn’t that far out of the way and the pizza is pretty darn tasty.

Giuseppe's Pizza

Giuseppe's Pizza

16″ Thin Crust Cheese Pizza

Giiuseppe's Pizza

14″ Thin Crust Inferno Pizza

Giuseppe's Pizza

14″ Thin Crust Inferno Pizza

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