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Tavern in the Green

June 12, 2014

  • Tavern in the Green3422 W. 95th Street
  • Evergreen Park, IL 60805
  • (708) 907-3107
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OK, last out-of-state blog for the time being.  We spent one more night at J’s parents before heading back to mine for my grandma’s funeral.  When her step-dad got home from work, we started discussing dinner.  J’s mom brought up a fairly new place that I drove by earlier in the day when I made a beer run to Binny’s Beverage Depot on 95th Steet.

That restaurant is Tavern in the Green in Evergreen Park, IL.  The sports bar/pub sits on 95th Street west of Kedzie Avenue in the south suburb.  The space used to be a family restaurant, so I’m guessing the new place was a total overhaul.

It was a Tuesday night when we walked in for dinner and the place was fairly empty.  The first thing you notice is the abundance of TV’s hanging from the ceiling.  There are TV’s spaced every few feet hanging from the rafters so it’s impossible to sit anywhere in the space and not see a TV.

We were all pretty hungry when the waitress came over to take our orders, but first, we had to start with drinks.  We all got some kind of alcohol with my mother-in-law and I both ordering Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA’s, J’s dad ordered a Miller Lite and J ordered a Raspberry Twisted Tea.

We decided to start with a couple of appetizers which is a little unusual for us, but J’s mom thought she had a 20% off coupon, so we figured what the hell.  I say “thought” and I’ll get to that in a second.

The first appetizer we ordered was something J and her mom wanted.  That app is the Spinach Artichoke Dip.  It’s a pretty standard dip made with spinach, artichokes, provolone, and Parmesan cheeses.  It’s served with soft, warm pita bread.  J, her mom, and L all did a number on this app pretty quickly.

J’s dad and I are really in to the dip, so it was suggested we get something else.  We quickly agreed on the Taverns Classic Chicken Wings.  We got six wings all with the Hot sauce option.  I think we each had three, but the appetizers came out only a couple minutes before our meals did, so we didn’t really get to enjoy the wings before we moved on to dinner.

The menu consist of typical pub fare with a fairly large burger list.  I didn’t have a hard decision.  I picked the Sunny Side Burger.  This burger is a 1/2 lb Black Angus beef patty topped with a fried egg and American cheese.  It’s served on a Butter Brioche bun with fries on the side.  The beef was cooked to a very close to medium-rare medium which I was actually ok with it.  It was a little pink, a lot juicy, and totally delicious.  I love the mixture of the beef’s juices with the soft cooked yolk of the fried egg.   The fries that came with the sandwich were skin on but I don’t think they were fresh cut.  They were crispy and lightly salted on the outside on soft on the inside.

J’s selection was the Pear and Berry Salad which is part of their summer menu.  The mixed greens salad is topped with sliced pears, fresh strawberries, goat cheese, and candied pecans tossed in a Raspberry vinaigrette.  The salad is right up her alley with the fresh fruits on top and as far as I can remember, she really enjoyed it.

We asked L what she wanted and without even being able to read the menu, she said Grilled Cheese.  Luckily for us, they have a Grilled Cheese on the kids menu so that’s what she got.  The sandwich is American cheese between two slices of white bread.  She devoured the sandwich leaving nothing but crusts in a matter of minutes.  Her sandwich came with fries which she barely touched, but that’s the way she’s been lately.  It didn’t have anything to do with the fries that were served to her.

Since it’s been over a week since we dined there, I actually don’t remember exactly what J’s parents ordered.  I know they both got sandwiches and I believe they were both burgers, but I can’t confidently blog about it other than to say they were both happy with their meals.  They told us beforehand they burgers were a little on the small side, but they both took half home this time which is typical for them.  The first time they ate there, they must have just been hungry of the appetizers made that much of a difference.

Now, check time.  The bill came out to a little over $75.  Before we ordered, J’s mom showed the waitress she had an online coupon for 20% off the total bill.  The waitress said she’d tell her manager, but when we got the bill, it wasn’t taken off.  We asked her about it and she took the bill to the manager then came back and told us he said it was “more of a lunch thing.”  We didn’t argue with her and just paid the bill.  I didn’t look at the coupon myself, but my feeling is they didn’t want to honor it on an almost $80 tab.  If that’s not the case, it would have been nice had they told us that when the coupon was first presented to her.  We would have still stayed to eat, but may not have ordered the appetizers.

Other than that, I really enjoyed Tavern in the Green.  They have a decent beer list and the space is a great place to watch a game.  I really enjoyed my meal and I believe everyone else did as well.  Our waitress seemed a little lost at times, but I’m pretty sure they just opened recently, so there could still be some training issues there.  It’s nothing that would stop me from going again.

Tavern in the Green

Tavern in the Green

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA

Tavern in the Green

Spinach Artichoke Dip

Tavern in the Green

Hot Taverns Classic Chicken Wings

Tavern in the Green

Sunny Side Burger w/French Fries

Tavern in the Green

Pear and Berry Salad

Tavern in the Green

Kids Grilled Cheese

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