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Dixie Saloon

June 4, 2014

  • Dixie Saloon401 E. Central Avenue
  • Mackinaw City, MI 49701
  • (231) 436-5449
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There is no way I’m going to turn down a job assignment on Mackinac Island.  A free trip to the Island….even if it does involve 14 hours of work a day, seems like a no-brainer to me.

Last Tuesday, I met a co-worker in Mackinaw City for the first part of our assignment.  We had something to do in the City before heading out to the Island Wednesday morning.  Unfortunately, our work decided it was cheaper to just pay the ferry fees each day, so we were staying in Mackinaw City and commuting each morning.  Still can’t complain though.

Once we finished our short assignment for Tuesday, we dropped our stuff off at the hotel then went looking for dinner.  My co-worker in this case has been to the area several times over the years so I deferred to him when it came to picking a restaurant.

We headed to downtown Mackinaw City and he gave me a couple choices.  I picked the one that looked the best from the outside.

Our first night in Mackinaw City we hit up the Dixie Saloon for dinner.  The restaurant is right in front of the Shepler’s Ferry dock at the corner of Central and Huron Avenues.  The large building has more of a log cabin style lodge feel to it both inside and out.

A waiter showed us to a booth along the backside windows that overlook the ferry dock.  We were of the clock for the night, so we both started with drinks.  C.W. took a bottle of Budweiser while I asked for the taplist and found a Diabolical IPA from nearby North Peak Brewing Company in Traverse City.  

Once we got our drinks, our waitress came back for dinner orders.  C.W. started out with a plate of the Bangtail Hot Wings.  These typical hot wings came with a spicy buffalo sauce, bleu cheese dipping sauce and celery.  He offered some to me, but I passed only because I wasn’t in the mood for spicy.  He said they had a pretty good kick to them and he ate the whole plate before our meals came out.

C.W. went with some local fish for dinner.  He ordered the Whitefish Platter which is sourced locally and pan-fried cajun style.  After eating a whole plate of wings, he only finished off about half of the platter and took the rest home for a meal the next night.  He said this is what he usually gets when he comes to Mackinaw because it is so fresh.

I stuck to a burger like I typically do and ordered the Western BBQ Steak Burger.  The sandwich is 1/2 lb of 100% pure Angus steak burger topped along with bacon, cheddar cheese, onion rings, and a tangy BBQ sauce.  The sandwich came with a perfect juicy pink center.  I asked to leave the onion ring off instead of taking it off myself just so it didn’t pull off a lot of the cheese.  The sandwich was very tasty and had just a perfect dollup of BBQ sauce which kept it from being super messy.  The sandwich came with an order of fries which are beer battered and fried up crispy.

Our bills were each around $20 before tip.  Our first night in Mackinaw City was a success.  We got our work done quickly then enjoyed a great meal.  The Dixie Saloon is a great choice in downtown Mackinaw City and it’s proximity to the docks makes it a good stop either before or after a trip to the Island.

Dixie Saloon

Dixie Saloon

Diabolical IPA

Dixie Saloon

Western BBQ Steak Burger w/Fries

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