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Tilly’s Pizzeria & Deli

May 25, 2014

  • Tilly's Pizza1730 142nd Avenue
  • Dorr, MI 49323
  • (616) 681-9724
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It’s not often I end up in Dorr, but a couple times this past week, I found my self in the tiny burg off US-131 in northern Allegan County.  Not having much experience dining in the area, I relied on Yelp to find me someplace to eat.

I was sort of in a hurry, so a sit down meal was not an option.  I found a couple pizzeria’s, but pizza seemed like a little too much because I wasn’t going to get a break during my shift and a pizza is too heavy for me to be working.  However, one of the pizzeria’s offers up some delicious looking sandwiches, so that’s what I went with.

Tilly’s Pizzeria and Deli is a small, mostly carry-out place inside the Dorr Pharmacy.  I found a menu online and called in  my order so after a quick stop to fill up my truck, I could hit the restaurant on my way out of town to pick up dinner.

I was kind of craving a pizza, but I kinda wasn’t.  I found out when I got there I could have just picked up a couple slices as they have them in a rotating oven on the counter when you walk in.

I ended up calling Tilly’s because I was looking for a sandwich, so I looked over their sandwich menu until something jumped out at me.  The one that did was the French Dip.  As far as I could tell, sandwiches didn’t come with any sort of side, so I also ordered a large fry.

As I walked in to the place, the sandwich was just in the process of being boxed up.  I paid the $10 bill then was handed two Styrofoam boxes with my food.  They probably could have just put it in one box, but they didn’t and I was in a hurry so I didn’t say anything.  

The fries were easy enough to eat on the road, so I popped that box open first.  I notice they put some salt packets in the box, so I assumed they didn’t put any on the fries.  I ate one just to see if I was right and I was, so I opened up the packets and sprinkled the salt on the still warm fries.

The fries came out of the fryer very crispy and with the addition of the salt packets, very delicious.  They were pretty standard food service fries, but they cooked them to that point that the outside was crunchy with a soft potato-y center.

Unfortunately, the sandwich had to wait a while.  I was hoping to get back to the office and eat it, but that didn’t pan out.  I got sent directly from my job site in Dorr to a job site in Grand Rapids, so I didn’t have time to eat dinner.  The sandwich sat for a couple of hours, but the first opportunity I got, I unwrapped the foil to get to the sub then popped the lid off the au jus and started dipping.

The sandwich was made with thick, deli sliced roast beef on a soft, seeded sub roll.  It could have used a slice of melted cheese, but the sandwich is just the vehicle for the au jus.  Once the sandwich was dipped, the soft bread soaked up the onion and oregano flavors from the liquid and the meat added that little bit of solid texture to make the sandwich wonderful….even though it was cold.

Tilly’s Pizzeria & Deli is a nice little stop in this small community.  I wasn’t looking for a gourmet meal.  I was just looking for a quick, tasty sandwich and Tilly’s delivered.

Large Order of French Fries

French Dip Sub

Tillys Deli on Urbanspoon

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