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Oscar’s Bistro @ Celebration Cinema Crossroads

April 30, 2014

  • Oscar's Bistro6600 Ring Road
  • Portage, MI 49002
  • (269) 324-7469
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Do you remember the first movie your parents took you to?  For me, it was The Land Before Time.  I was 8 when the movie came, so I have a pretty good recollection of my first theater trip.

Earlier this week, we decided to see how L would react to a movie.  She’s pretty good at home and gets really involved in what every she is watching.

Last time we were at NaNa’s house, they had Rio on their DVR.  Since then, L has been asking for “The Birdie Movie.”

It just happens that Rio 2 just came out in theaters a few weeks ago.  J wanted to take L but we wanted to go at a time when there wouldn’t be a lot of people there.  We decided on a 4 PM show on Monday…and for a while, we thought we were going to be the only ones in the theater.

We chose to go to Celebration Cinemas Crossroads.  We were going to see the movie at Alamo Drafthouse, but they don’t allow children under the age of 3…and L is only 2.

We wanted to go to Alamo for the food, but what I what I had forgotten about was that Celebration now has a food menu that is more than popcorn and candy.

The restaurant part of Celebration Cinema Crossroads is Oscar’s Bistro.  You don’t need a show ticket to enjoy their food or a drink from the bar, but if you are going to a show, they make it so you can order, go to your theater then come get your food when a restaurant buzzer goes off.  

The Bistro looks a lot like the traditional movie theater concession stand, but the menu is much, much better.  They have a number of what is essentially finger foods.  Unlike Alamo Drafthouse, they don’t have tables in the theaters so almost all of the food is stuff you can eat with one hand.

We were pretty early for our show, so we decided to just eat at one of the tables in the lobby.  Right away, we noticed Chicken Bites meal for L.  These small pieces of chicken are cut in to cubes so they are bite size for a child.  It comes with pub fries and a child size drink.  Unfortunately, L wasn’t really interested in them.  Not because they weren’t good…she was just more interested in the junk food that was surrounding her.  She may have eaten a couple of the fries, but I don’t think she even touched the chicken.  I popped a few pieces hoping to get her to copy me, but it didn’t work.  I brought them in to the theater with us and tried a few times in there as well, but she had no interest in real food…especially after we go the popcorn.  It’s too bad because it was actually a pretty good kids meal.

J was still looking over the menu, so I jumped in and placed an order for the Angus Beef Sliders.  These three bite size burgers come with cheddar cheese and carmelized onions (which I left off) on fresh pretzel roll buns.  Each sandwich was about two bites and it was really the buns that stood out here.  The fresh pretzel had a little bit of a buttery flavor to it and the little burger patties were awfully juicy.  I added on an order of pub fries and wasn’t really impressed with them.  They had the potential to be good, but they were a little under cooked which made the middle of them a little hard.  Didn’t really bother me though as I finished off all that were in front of me.

J found the flat bread section and ordered the Fantastic Four Cheese.  Like the name implies, the pizza like flat bread is brushed with and basil olive oil then topped with mozzarella, provolone, Parmesan, and cheddar cheese.  The flatbread was too much for her to eat in one sitting, so I got a few pieces and we brought a few pieces in to the theater with us.  I thought it was quite tasty for something so simple.

In addition to our tickets, we added on two large fountain drinks and a large bucket of popcorn for the three of us to share during the movie.  The total price came to about $70 which sounds expensive until you break it down.  Without lunch at the theater, we would have still spent about $30 for the drinks, popcorn and tickets.  We also would have went to lunch somewhere else and when we go sit down for  a meal, it usually comes out to about $35-40, so what you have to take in to account is the convenience.  It’s not really a dinner and a movie, first date kind of thing, but it is a pretty solid night out.  I didn’t think the food was outrageously over priced and everything we had (minus the undercooked fries) was really good.

Oscar's Bistro

Oscar's Bistro

Oscar's Bistro

Chicken Bites w/Pub Fries

Oscar's Bistro

Angus Beef Sliders w/Pub Fries

Oscar's Bistro

Fantastic Four Cheese Flatbread

Oscar's Bistro on Urbanspoon

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