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Fox Theatre – Detroit

September 25, 2013

  • Fox Theatre2211 Woodward Avenue
  • Detroit, MI 48201
  • (313) 471-3200
  • Website

Two years ago, you never would have convinced me that I’d be going to see a concert that involved four Australians singing children’s songs.   They’re not kidding when they say “Everything changes.”

About a year ago, J accidentally stumbled upon The Wiggles on a Saturday morning when she just turned the TV on for noise.  L loved it from the get-go and it immediately became her favorite thing to watch.  One of the first things she was able to communicate to us was that she wanted Wiggles.  She would shake her hands just like they do and make a grunt that sort of sounded like “Wiggle.”  It’s evolved now in to “party” because we have WIggle Dance Parties with her in the living room.  J and I keep joking we’re “Sweatin’ To The Wiggles” we do it so often.

Earlier this year, the group was reformed with three new cast members as three of the originals retired.  The new group launched an Australian tour in the spring and we waited patiently for the announcement of a US/Canada so we could take L.

In May, they finally announced that tour and somehow we got lucky.  The show in Detroit was on a Sunday…my day off.  We could take L there and not have to burn any vacation days…we gladly would have, but this worked out well.

The show was this past Sunday at The Fox Theatre in downtown Detroit.  I was excited because I couldn’t wait to see L’s face light up but also because I’ve been wanting to check out the theater itself.  I’ve always heard it was a really neat place and I love that we were going to get to experience it in person.

The Fox Theatre is on Woodward Avenue at Montcalm Street right across Woodward from Comerica Park.  There’s a parking garage for the theatre on Fisher Service Drive which is about the only easy place to park.  The theatre has no surface parking and the doors are almost right up on busy Woodward Avenue, so the best option is to take advantage of the garage.  Parking was $15 and even though there was a Tigers game going on at the same time, the ramp was reserved for Fox Theatre patrons.

The first thing I will say is the theater is gorgeous.  It started life in the late 1920’s at a movie theater and the flagship of the Fox Theatres chain.  The three tier seating area is surrounded by lavish Burmese, Indian, Chinese, and Persian motifs.  You walk in to a six story tall lobby that will take your breath away.  Each side of the lobby is flanked by eight vermillion scaglioa columns.  I could go on and on about the lobby itself, but it’s just something you need to see.

We headed straight past the souvenir stand set up right inside the doors to the entrance to the Main Floor.  Our seats were actually in the orchestra pit in the second row right up against the stage.  I have never in my life bought tickets this close to a stage, but we really wanted L to be right up front.

The theatre is huge.  The seating area holds a little over 5000 with the temporary seating in the orchestra pit.  It looked like it was pretty close to full once the show actually started.  The intricate design from the lobby is carried over in to the theatre itself.  In fact, one of the performers, who has seen theaters all over the world, had this to say after the show.

The show was about twenty minutes late getting started and we had to keep L entertained.  She had started to figure out what was going on.  She recognized The Wiggles logo on the stage and kept asking for them.

When the show finally did start, L was in complete awe.  She sat on J’s lap for most of the show just starting, occasionally smiling, sometimes dancing.  It wasn’t until about the last half hour that she finally got up and started really dancing in the aisles like we thought she would do from the start.  Once she started getting in to it, L and I started getting in to it as well.  I mean, I danced in my chair and sang along most of the show to try to get her to at least mimic me, but once she started going, she would look at both of us and make sure we were dancing.

After almost an hour and a half, the show wrapped up with one last song.  “Propeller” was the last one they sang and they brought all of the characters back out on stage.  L has always been a fan of Dorothy The Dinosaur and Wags The Dog and she waved goodbye to both of them.  Anthony came right up to where we were sitting and waved to the kids down in the front so I got L as close as I could to wave to Anthony…she just sort of stared in awe again.  It wasn’t until the music stopped and everyone started filing out that she started screaming good-bye at the stage.

Before leaving, L needed a diaper change, so J headed to the ladies’ room and I headed to the souvenir stand to get L a t-shirt and a tambourine to play with.

I’m so happy we got a chance to see a show at the Fox Theatre.  The facility is gorgeous and all three of us really enjoyed the show.  I really hope L stays in to The Wiggles as she gets a little older because we’d love to take her to another show and hopefully they come back to Detroit one day to give us another reason to check out a show at The Fox.

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

Fox Theatre

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