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Michelle’s – Portage

September 21, 2013

  • Michelle's677 Romence Road
  • Portage, MI 49024
  • (269) 329-1032
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Sunday breakfast.  One of my favorite times to eat breakfast.  Pretty sure I’ve said that before.

This past Sunday, J wanted to run to Portage to do some shopping once we got up.  Like most days, we were slow to actually get moving so it was after 11 before we left, but I knew we could find a breakfast place still serving breakfast on a Sunday.

We headed straight for Michelle’s on Romence Road in Portage in the space that used to be a CiCi’s Pizza right across from the entrance to the Crossroads Mall.   The restaurant name should sound familiar.  There is also a Michelle’s on Gull Road.  Both are owned by EMA Enterprises which owns several breakfast/lunch places in the Kalamazoo area.

The parking lot was packed even at just a little before noon.  We walked in to find a pretty full restaurant.  We hung out near the hostess station as a couple of waitresses cleaned an separated a large table in to two smaller ones.  Once that was complete, a hostess came over to us and showed us to one of these newly formed four tops.

We got settled and looked over the breakfast side of the menu before the waitress could get to us.  When we put in our drink orders, we asked to put in our breakfast order as well.  

I ordered one of my favorites, the Steak and Eggs.  The plate was a 10 oz Sirloin with two eggs, hash browns and toast.  The steak was off the charts.  It was cooked perfectly medium with just a slightly pink center, but what made this piece of meat was a simple salt and pepper seasoning.  I would have been happy with this steak at dinner so for breakfast. it was pretty amazing.  I got my two eggs over-medium so they’d have a slightly runny yolk.  The hash browns were very crispy which is exactly the way I like them.  Lots of browned edges but by the time I got to the potatoes, I was pretty full and didn’t finish them off.  I finished off breakfast with two slices of wheat toast.

J ordered herself Shanda’s Pumpkin Roll French Toast.  This golden brown pumpkin toast is topped with powdered sugar.  She took one bite before saying the toast was amazing.  She added on an order of bacon and the waitress asked if she liked her bacon crispy.  J asked for extra-crispy.  Always a nice touch for us when they ask because J really doesn’t like “limp” bacon.

For L we actually went with a lunch option.  Her favorite food, by far, is “wa-wa’s” or as the rest of us call them, French Fries.  We try to limit how many she eats, but we gave in this time and ordered her the Kids Grilled Cheese which came with a side order of fries.  Surprisingly, L actually had a bite or two of the grilled cheese before diving for the French fries.  J and I finished off the grilled cheese which was super gooey and cheesy.

The cost for breakfast for the three of us was just under $28.  J and I both really liked our meals.  We had eaten at Michelle’s on Gull Road a while back and it didn’t really stand out to us.  It was a solid breakfast joint, but the Portage location is something we both walked out feeling happy and satisfied.



Steak and Eggs w/ Hash Browns and Toast


Shanda’s Pumpkin Roll French Toast


Kids Grilled Cheese w/Fries

Michelle's on Urbanspoon

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  1. Margie permalink
    May 18, 2014 1:05 am

    The pecan pancakes are the BEST in town!

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