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Crazy Beaver Grub & Pub

September 10, 2013

  • Crazy Beaver510 S. Oak Street
  • Chebanse, IL 60922
  • (815) 697-3239
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Yay, for long weekends.  While most people got a long holiday weekend, I had to work.  I only got one day off while everyone else I knew was having cookouts and drinking beers.

My reward for for the shortened holiday weekend was a long weekend this past weekend.  J took a vacation day on Monday which gave us three days off together.

When I got off work on Friday night, we packed up the car and headed to my parents house south of Chicago.  We spent a day and a half playing with my parents, my brother and his wife, and my nieces.

Sunday we needed to head back to the Chicago area to spend some time with J’s parents.  We decided to sleep at my parents house so I could hang out with a couple of high school friends that I haven’t seen in a while.  When we got up Sunday morning, I suggested we all go out for lunch before J, L, and I took off.

Where my parents live, there’s not a lot of choices for dining out.  The town has a whopping 800 people and two restaurants.  One is a family restaurant near the highway outside of town and one is a pizza place.  Both are good, but I wanted to try a place that just opened a little bit farther north that I’ve heard a lot of people talking about.

The Crazy Beaver Grub & Pub opened just a few months ago in the small town of Chebanse about 45 minutes south of Chicago.  The large Morton building looks pretty generic from the outside although there is a giant carved beaver out front.  Other than that, there isn’t much signage.  

In a town like Chebanse, this kind of pub is completely out of the ordinary.  They have a bigger beer selection than most bars and they have a food menu that includes pizzas, sandwiches, and other typical pub fare.  Most of the bars in this area are just bars, so a bar with a kitchen is something different.

My whole family met at The Crazy Beaver just after 11:00 on a Sunday morning.  There were ten of us total which almost gave the waitress a heart attack.  Everyone was still recovering from the night before and a table of ten sounded crazy to them.

There were no table large enough for all of us, so we pushed two tables together and stole another chair plus a high chair for L.  The waitress finished up with the table she was taking care of then came over to us.  She only had a couple menus, so we had to share while she was getting our drinks.  They have Pepsi products on the fountain but most of our table got water.

My brother, dad, and I all ordered The Buster Burger.  The fresh angus beef burger comes on a deliciously toasted brioche roll topped with lettuce, tomato, and onion.  For a little extra charge, my brother and I added Pepperjack cheese.  My dad added on American.  I also added on a couple strips of bacon.  The sandwich was really good.  The dense, toasted bun was delicious and totally made this sandwich.  The juicy meat and crispy bacon’s juices were soaked up by the bun.  The sandwich came with fries which weren’t anything special, but yummy.

J and my sister-in-law both ordered the Beaver Planks to share with the girls.  The planks are large chicken tenders fried golden brown.  J said they were alright, but nothing really special.  She tried to share hers with L, but L was more interested in my aunt’s fries.  The Planks didn’t actually come with fries, but both J and my sister-in-law ordered fries to go with the chicken.

My mom actually ordered what would have been my choice if I wasn’t tempted by the burger.  The Italian “Beef”er is just what you think it is.  A toasted hoagie roll with sliced beef dipped in Au Jus.  Pepperochines and Giardianara are served on request and the sandwich comes with fries.  My mom added on cheese to the sandwich which she said was delicious.  It looked delicious too…if the burger wasn’t so good, I would have regretted not getting the beef.

Before the food arrived, the table also ordered some Beaver Logs.  Those are three pretzel bread sticks served with cheese.  I was outside in the patio area running around with the girls, so I totally missed those.  I also missed what my aunt ordered, but I know it was something that came with fries because that was all L wanted to eat.

The bill for the ten of us was just over $60.  The Crazy Beaver Grub & Pub is a great addition to this community.  In a larger city, it would probably just slide in to the sports bar landscape, but this place is like nothing else in the immediate area.  So far, I’ve heard weekends are pretty crazy and my parents have said the pizza is really good.

Crazy Beaver

Crazy Beaver

Crazy Beaver

Beaver Burger w/Bacon and Pepperjack Cheese w/Fries

Crazy Beaver

Beaver Planks w/Fries

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