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The Organic Gypsy

August 23, 2013

Mayor Hopewell started a really cool thing this summer at Bronson Park in Kalamazoo.  For the past several weeks, the park has been home to “Lunch Time Live.”  Kalamazoo’s food trucks pull up to the curb on South Street and a few vendors set up in the park.  Some weeks, there’s even some live entertainment and they always set up a cornhole game and a badminton net.

Friday’s have been bad for us recently, but last week, we were able to go down for lunch.  We were a little disappointed because the one food truck we had yet to try wasn’t there.  We still got a great lunch in a great setting from Pig Out Take Out.

We didn’t really have any plans to go this week, but I saw a tweet last night that the elusive truck was going to be there.  J and I were both pretty tired when she got home from work due to a baby that wasn’t interested in sleeping, but we decided to head downtown anyway.  Good choice.

The Organic Gypsy has been on the streets for about a year and a half.  The food, as the name implies, is organic farm to truck fare.  It’s a little pricier than you would expect from a food truck, but the food is made with fresh, high quality, organic ingredients.

There was a little bit of a line at all of the trucks when we got to Bronson Park a little afternoon.  We headed straight for The Organic Gypsy to find a chalkboard on the sidewalk with today’s menu.  

At first glance, neither of us were sure there was anything that we would eat, but after reading the descriptions, we both found wraps we were really excited about.

My selection was the Fiesta Wrap.  The whole wheat tortilla was filled with Carne Asada Steak, pico de gallo, green peppers and queso.  It was supposed to include guacamole, but I asked to keep that off.  I was shocked by the heat this wrap packed.  Not sure if it was the queso or the pico, but the wrap was delicious.  There was a lot of steak wrapped in the tortilla which surprised me.  I was expecting mostly veggies, but it was the exact opposite.

J ordered the Garden of Eaten.  This vegetarian wrap consists of kale dressed with a raspberry vinaigrette, cucumbers, pecans, tomatoes, basil humus, and avocado in a whole wheat wrap.  J must have glossed over the tomatoes on the menu, so she picked those out before eating the wrap.  She said her selection was delicious and was very happy we finally found this truck while we were out for lunch.

Our bill for the two wraps was $22.  Like I mentioned earlier, a little pricey for a food truck, but very delicious.  The Organic Gypsy is yet another great addition to the growing stable of food trucks in Kalamazoo.  Lunch Time Live is a great idea by it’s organizers and something I hope continues for some time.  We were able to get our wraps from The Organic Gypsy then walk a couple feet and get fries for L and this amazing creation known as Pig Out Fries from Pig Out Takeout for ourselves.   Make sure to check out The Organic Gypsy’s website to find out where they’re parking and once you figure it out…FIND THEM!

The Organic Gypsy

The Organic Gypsy

The Organic Gypsy

Fiesta Wrap w/Blue Corn Chips

The Organic Gypsy

Garden of Eatin’ w/Blue Corn Chips

The Organic Gypsy on Urbanspoon

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