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Ranch House Ribs

July 20, 2013

  • Ranch House Ribs23090 M-140
  • South Haven, MI 49090
  • (269) 637-3589
  • No Known Website
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How unfortunate is this?  My brother and his family are in Covert this weekend camping at the KOA Campground just south of town.  J and I have a wedding in Chicago.  There just isn’t a way for all of us to get together for an afternoon and hang out while they’re in our neck of the woods.

Not wanting to pass up this opportunity, I decided to get my butt out of bed Friday morning and take L over to Covert to see her cousins.  J was at work and couldn’t join us, but I’d at least to get to hang with my nieces for a little bit and L loves running after the older girls.

We hung out at the campground for a while then went in to South Haven to spend the rest of the morning at the beach before I had to head back to Kalamazoo and eventually Grand Rapids for work.

On our way in to town, we passed a little BBQ joint that I have been wanting to get to for a long time.  I saw on their sign that they opened at noon, so I intentionally timed it so L and I could pull back in just as they were open….and my plan actually worked.

Ranch House Ribs is a very tiny, sort of run down looking shack on M-140 between South Haven and Covert in South Haven Charter Township.  My brothers in-laws said they had actually drove by it last time they were in town and didn’t realize the place was even still open until I suggested they pick up BBQ the next time they were in town and tell me how it is.

On Thursday, before my brother and his family made it, his in-laws went to pick up dinner so it’d be there waiting for them.  They told me by four o’clock, there was already short supply of some of the favorites, but they were still able to get samples of almost everything on the menu before deciding on picking up a big pan of spare ribs, rib tips, and BBQ chicken for dinner at the campground.  As I soon as I got tot he campground Friday morning, they couldn’t wait to tell me how great it was and how grateful they were I pointed the place out to them.  

After a recommendation like that, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to pick up lunch for myself so I texted J and said I was bringing home BBQ.

I pulled in to the small parking lot as the owner was putting out the open signs and opening up the restaurant for the day.  I got L out of her car seat and headed in to find a pretty small dining room with a couple tables and a lunch counter overlooking the kitchen.

The menu is posted on an old-style Pepsi letter board behind the counter.  I scanned it really quickly looking for pulled pork sandwiches.  I found what I assumed was the sandwich listed as Mom Broady’s Pork Bar-B-Que Sandwich.  I asked if that was similar to a pulled pork and ordered two.

For L, I ordered the chicken strips.  All three meals came with fries and I also picked up a side of baked beans for J and a can of Pepsi for my drive home.  I was told it would take about ten minutes to fry up the fried goodies but I don’t think it even took that long.  Before long, I was being handed three foil wrapped paper boats full of BBQ goodness.  I paid the $18 with cash although I do believe they take Visa and Mastercard.  I just had the money on me and decided to do it that way.

When I got home, I immediately put L in her high chair and started digging my way through the foil.  L saw the french fries, or “wa-wa’s” as she calls them for some reason and started asking for one.  The fries were the standard food service fries with a light dusting of salt.  The chicken strips were also likely prepackaged food service strips, but they were pretty large and the three pieces with fries would have been a good meal for most adults let alone a toddler.

The pork sandwiches were swimming in a tangy, bright red BBQ sauce that had a little bit of a kick to it.  It was served on a standard white bread bun.  The tender pork didn’t really have much of a smokey taste to it because the sauce overpowered everything.  It was still very delicious and very filling.

J also had the small container of baked beans which she also said were very good.

Ranch House Ribs is one of those surprising places when you drive by…or at least when I drive by…that you just can’t wait to stop in.  It doesn’t look like much from the road, but I’ve heard nothing but great things from everyone I know who has stopped in to enjoy this great BBQ along Michigan’s west coast.  I would have really liked to enjoy the feast my brother’s family did, but the quick lunch we had was quite enjoyable and very delicious.

Ranch House Ribs

Ranch House Ribs

Rib Tips, BBQ Chicken, Spare Ribs

Ranch House Ribs

Chicken Tenders w/French Fries

Ranch House Ribs

Mom Broady’s Pork Bar-B-Que Sandwich w/French Fries

Ranch House Ribs

Baked Beans

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  1. August 13, 2013 10:31 am

    I just drove past this place on Saturday to a wedding, and was thinking the same thing…”I need to come down sometime and eat here, it looks like it’d be good eating.” By the way you are doing great work by taking pictures of the menu for the places that don’t have websites or that do not post their menus. Nicely done.

    • SW Michigan Dining permalink*
      August 16, 2013 12:50 am

      Thanks! The menu thing is a big reason I started blogging almost five years ago…I get very frustrated when I can’t find menus of places online.

  2. sherry broady permalink
    May 21, 2015 10:19 pm

    Food is great and the prices are good…luv ranch house ribs…

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