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Fox’s Pizza Den – Battle Creek

July 13, 2013

  • Fox's Pizza Den12898 Beadle Lake Road
  • Battle Creek, MI 49014
  • (269) 979-9869
  • Website
  • Menu

The best thing about a membership to Binder Park Zoo, is going to the zoo.  J and I decided to buy a membership this year in hopes that it would force us to be less lazy and take L more often.

I had a little bit different of a schedule this week.  I had to work Sunday which gave me Tuesday off instead.  J texted me from work and asked if I wanted to go to the zoo.  Yup.  Sure did.

On our way to Binder Park, we started talking about post zoo trip dinner plans.  We usually find a pizza place somewhere in town and take it home.  As we were passing the intersection of Beadle Lake and B Drive North, we passed a pizza joint.  I made a mental and on the tram to “Africa,” I looked up a website to call in an order.

Fox’s Pizza Den is a national chain with over 300 locations in 28 states.  Of those 300 locations, only one is in Michigan.  The Emmett Township location in a small strip mall across the street from Harper Creek High School.

As J was strapping L back in to her car seat in the parking lot at the zoo, I pulled out my cell phone to call Fox’s.  I had looked through the menu and knew exactly what I wanted.  Unfortunately, I was put on hold for several minutes…almost to the point I was ready to hang up and go for tacos instead.

I ended up sticking it out and putting in an order for the Big Daddy which is a rectangle 21-cut pizza.  I got pepperoni on half and just plain cheese on half for J.  I was told it would be about 25-30 minutes.  That kind of sucked because we were literally less than five minutes away.  

We did our best to kill some time, but L was already changed and in her car seat.  I was hoping that would eat some time, but being on hold for so long cut in to that.  J said she was thirsty and kind of wanted a bottle of water.  There’s a Shell station right next to the strip mall housing Fox’s, so we headed there so I could pick up a bottle of water and a couple Pepsi’s for myself.

We then headed to the parking lot and just hung out.  Luckily, J was entertained watching the Wiggles on J’s iPad, so we didn’t have a crying baby to contend with.

After about twenty minutes, I headed in to the small pizza joint to see if my pizza would happen to be ready.  There’s actually a pretty good size dining room and I’m pretty sure I even saw the Calhoun County Sheriff leaving the place after lunch.  One thing J and I have always been big believers in…if police officers or firefighters are eating at a place, it’s usually a pretty good indication that you’re going to get quality food.

There was just a few minutes left on the pizza in the oven when I got in. I settled the $17 (even) bill and took a seat at one of the tables to wait, but I barely had time to pull out my phone and start playing Candy Crush before I was handed the over-sized pizza box with out dinner.

While the pizza is served as a rectangle, it’s NOT a Detroit-Style square pizza.  The crust is actually fairly then and not fat heavy like most people in Michigan tend to think of when they see a pizza shaped like this.

J grabbed a slice from my side of the pizza first because the pepperoni’s were actually under the cheese instead of on top.  She noticed it right away and went to her side of the pizza for the next slice.  L loved the piece we gave her.  She ate at least one if not two whole slices on her own.

As for me, I ended up eating about half of this over-sized pizza.  It was the only meal I ate all day and I made the most of it.  I liked that the crust was a fairly thin crust instead of the typical thicker crust chain pizza.  The rest of the pizza was pretty typical for a chain, but the different crust made it something than the typical chain pizzeria.

We both liked Fox’s Pizza Den.  We chose it out of convenience, but were actually very happy with out choice.   Being put on hold for so long was a little bit of an annoyance, but the food turned out to be pretty tasty.

Fox's Pizza Den

Fox's Pizza Den

Big Daddy 1/2 Cheese-1/2 Pepperoni Pizza

Fox's Pizza Den

Pepperoni Side of a Big Daddy Pizza

Fox's Pizza Den on Urbanspoon

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  1. July 13, 2013 1:23 am

    There used to be one in Kalamazoo, but it’s been gone for several years by now.

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