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Lakeshore Convenience

June 12, 2013

  • Lakeshore Convenience155 Blue Star Highway
  • Douglas, MI 49406
  • (269) 857-1235
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Work always seems to get in the way of fun.  Am I right, people?  Ah, hell, it ain’t so bad, but on the first night of vacation, my family did have a blast while I was at work.

As I was sitting there watching the clock count down until I got a few days off to relax, J sent me a text message that they had picked up pizza and there would be some left for me when I got home.  It’s like she read my mind or something.  I was already looking for a pizza place that would be open when I got to the cabin.

Our cabin came with a book with menus for a number of restaurants in the area.  My family picked the plainest looking menu and decided to order from a convenience store…sounds just like something I would do.

They chose to order pizza from the Lakeshore Convenience store on Blue Star Highway in Douglas.  The small shop sits near the corner with Center Street just to the west of the downtown business district.  The store has all the things you would expect a convenience store in a tourist town to have…but they also have really good pizza.

J and her parents put in an order for two 15″ pizzas.  One was plain cheese.  The other had sausage on it.  The four of them ate about half of each leaving me almost a whole pizza when I got to the cabin around midnight.

I was really looking forward to the pizza because J had actually taken the time to text me and say it was “very good.”  When I made it to Saugatuck, my Mother-in-law was still awake and she told me there was some really good pizza left in the fridge.

After cracking open my last bottle of Doom, I unwrapped the foil containing the leftover pizza.  Even cold, I could tell this pizza was going to be very tasty.  There was no sogginess in any of the slices.  The crust still had a very crisp snap to it and it was cooked well all the way to the point of each slice.  J’s mom and J both told me this crust was really good when they ate it warm…hell, I thought it was really good when I ate it cold.  I love a pizza with a thin, crisp crust and that’s what this pizza had.

Over the next few days, we did a lot of eating along the lakeshore and had a lot of good meals.  I’m still shocked that we found such a great pizza in such an unexpected place in Douglas.  My in-laws did right by picking this place.

Lakeshore Convenience

Lakeshore Convenience

Cheese and Sausage Pizza

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  1. Amy permalink
    July 15, 2013 12:03 am

    As the owner of Lakeshore Convenience, I am pleased to hear that you enjoyed our pizza! Thank you much for sharing your thoughts!

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