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Harvest Moon Bar & Grill

May 26, 2013

  • Harvest Moon Bar & Grill4023 Douglas Avenue
  • Kalamazoo, MI 49008
  • (269) 267-9029
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The tables were turned today.  Usually it’s me having to work on weekends, but J had to fill in both Saturday and Sunday this week.  She had the same schedule she has during the week, so she was still home by noon each day, but today, it was me who got to relax while she was hard at work.

When she got home, she suggested taking L to DeLano Farm.  They have some animals along one of the trails and the barn was open today.  Since L always gets a kick out of petting “doggies” (her word for all animals), we thought it might be fun.

There’s not a whole lot of places to eat between Oshtemo Township and DeLano Farm other than the typical places we always eat at on Main Street….and what fun is that when we’re going on an adventure.

I pulled up Google and searched for restaurants in the area.  The only one that really came up was a bar on Douglas Avenue.    When I clicked open their Facebook page, they claimed to be family friendly.  J and I ate at a lot of bar & grills before L so this kind of place sounded right up our alley.

Harvest Moon Bar & Grill is on Douglas Avenue right at the intersection with Old Douglas in Kalamazoo Township.  The large parking lot was empty at noon on Sunday, but it appears that they had a pretty big party the night before.  There were still some flyers laying around for a BBQ that looked like something I would have liked to have been at. 

The doors to the bar were open so we walked in and found an empty bar.  The bartender was doing some cleaning and told us she’d grab a couple menus and follow us to a table.  I took a quick look at the taps to see if there was anything worth while other than Oberon to drink.

J took a seat at one of the regular four tops near the dart machine while L and I ran around the bar a little bit.  Since there was no one else there, I didn’t really feel bad about L sort of turning the stage near the other door her little playground.  Their Facebook page says the place is family friendly, but there were no high chairs.  L is at that age where she can sit on a regular chair with a little bit of help, but she’s squirmy which means one of us has to hold on to her at all times.  It was easier on all of us to just run around a little while we waited on food.

J and I both ordered Oberon’s to drink.  That was as craft beer as they got which was fine.  I didn’t want anything really heavy anyway since we were going to be outside.

The menu is pretty small with some pretty basic pub fare.  I ordered the burger and added on cheese and bacon only to find out they didn’t have any bacon.  That was fine.  I was on the fence about it anyway.  The burger tasted like a frozen GFS burger to me.  It was tasty, but nothing special.  It was served on a pretty soft wheat bun with a handful of potato chips.

J had ordered the chicken sandwich with cheese and bacon, but after going to the kitchen, the bartender came back out an apologized for not having any chicken left.  J changed her order to a Grilled Cheese.  We ended up ordering two grilled cheese sandwiches so L would have her.  The sandwiches were white bread toasted to a buttery golden brown with a couple slices of cheddar cheese in the middle.  Both sandwiches came with chips.  J asked about fries, but was told they don’t have a deep fryer, so fries aren’t an option.

Our bill was a little over $21 but we did have two beers.  Harvest Moon is a bar first and a grill second.  It’s the kind of place that would be great to meet the guys after work for a game of pool and some cold beer.  It’s the kind of bar country singers sing about.  The food is nothing out of the ordinary.  It’s there and when you’re up for a night of drinking, it’s a great option to have.   For us, it served it’s purpose.  We needed lunch on our way to the nature center and that’s what we got.

Harvest Moon Bar & Grill

Harvest Moon Bar & Grill


Harvest Moon Bar & Grill

Burger w/Cheese and Chips

Harvest Moon Bar & Grill

Grilled Cheese w/Chips

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